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    antivirus stamps

    I use the NOD32 antivirus system which stamps, at the bottom, all incoming and outgoing email as certified virus free. I have noticed when emailing spam to SC that the nod32 email address is present in the reporting data. I'm no netguru so I have no idea what all those addresses are doing in the report but I don't think I need to know, do I??<g> Question is: Is SC reporting the nod32 folks as spam violators? If so, can I just delete the certification from the bottom of the email to illiminate the problem? Their address is not present in the headers. If SC is not reporting nod32, why then is their address included in the report and can I just leave the stamp on the bottom of the spam I send to SC? Thanks DH
  2. Dirty Harry

    antivirus stamps

    Well, I thank you very much sir. What a wonderfully simple answer to a very simple question. I realize now that I should have submitted another message with the stamp to get the tracking URL. duh! Thanks for the reply to my "delete the link" question. I will simply uncheck the appropriate line from the report in the future. PS. I knew a Steve Underwood in the service many many years ago.
  3. Dirty Harry

    antivirus stamps

    Gee, no kidding. I guess I'm just "silly" then. At any rate I have no feelings one way or another with regard to the absurdity of the stamp. I have no control over the stamp beyond disabling the software altogether. I also fail to understand how the behaviour of my antivirus software is at all germain to my question regarding spam reports. Um yeah, I think you mentioned that and I even understood it the first time. "Silly" though I may be. The tracking URL is only visible at the analysis level as you know. I did NOT go on to the next reporting phase since I was not sure about the nod32 url being picked up. For this reason I could not supply a tracking URL. If there is another way of retrieving it then I am ignorant of it. It really doesn't matter anyway. I asked a very simple question which has really grown out of proportion and I frankly find your response a tad on the snotty side. I will simply cut the "silly" line from whatever spam I report in the future and that should remedy any problems that could result from it. Thanks DH Well, good for you and those sharp eyed folks. Guess I'll just hang out down here with silly ones. 33749[/snapback]
  4. Dirty Harry

    antivirus stamps

    There is no report ID since I didn't report it when I saw the address in the report list. Here is the stamp that exists at the bottom of my emails. __________ NOD32 1.1241 (20051004) Information __________ This message was checked by NOD32 antivirus system. http://www.eset.com
  5. I tried twice to add a mailhost to my account but I have not yet received the confirmation email. It has been several hours since the attempt. The only config address that SC reported it will send email to is mail.opentransfer.com. What to do now??