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  1. Haven't used it for a while, probably means anything up to a year as far a as i can remember. I have just reprted a spam by pasting it into the spamcop web page, and have also just reported the saved one that I had forwarded, but only from doing it on the webpage. The only thing I can think of regarding my email address is, the address i signed up with is spamcop at myemaildomainname. The email address i have on my outlook express is matt at myemaildomainname
  2. I haven't used spamcop for a while now as i got fed up cutting and pasting. I have now decided to start using it again. I can log into my spamcop account no problem. When I forward a spam email as an attachment, and click on the link that get's sent back, it says error 401 and takes me to this page http://www.spamcop.net/denied.shtml which asks me if I have forgotten my password. What is going on? How can i actually complete my spam reports? Last time i checked I still had over 14Mb of spam reporting left in my account. Regards, Matt
  3. mattgrant

    Someone's spamming in my name

    I am getting 20 - 30 emails a day saying returned mail, or user not found etc. Basically it is all for spam such as viagra emails, but they are getting returned to me. Someone is obviously pretending to send them from me, or using my email address as the reply address. I don't want to get accused of spamming! Does anyone know what I can do about it? It is actually my email alias that they are using, so it propably won't help contacting my actual email ISP. Regards, Matt