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  1. Do I understand it right, that only the IP of gmx is listet and not my personal PC-IP? So I am just a victim of gmx and not a listet person?? Oh my god, how complicated for a non-specialist! Thx for your help!!!!!!!!!
  2. News: it seems to be a general problem with gmx. I sent them a request and they answered that they know about this problem and work on it, I should be patient. Today an email came back that I had sent before that one with the big attachment. So it is likely that I was not the one who caused the trouble *uff*.
  3. Thx so far for your responses!!! Could it be that not >I< personallay are on the blacklist but gmx is (where I have my emailaddress)? What is your experience: how long is one in such a list? I understood from reading that after some time, when "I stop to send spam", I will be deleted.? We will see how this thing evolves One thing is clear: it cost already nerves and time *grr* Karenina
  4. Hi! After browsing over hours, I am really dizzy and did not find in the postings here an answer to my problem (of course my fault...) This is what happened: yesterday I sent an email with a really big attachment (I did not recognise before, just thought that I have adsl and the friend also, so np). I got a failure message then: Connected_to_62.211.72.32_but_sender_was_rejected./ Remote_host_said:_550_mail_not_accepted_from_blacklisted_IP_address/ I tried to send just plain text but that is not possible anymore, my other email-address does not do as well. Searching a bit here: http://www.senderbase.org/search?searchStr...64.20&showRBL=1 I found out: list.dsbl.org Boycotted - http://dsbl.org/listing? I informed my ISP (not gmx or web.de) but I did not receive any answer until now. What do I have to do to be removed from this list and to be able to send my friend emails? Am I "marked" now as a kind of black sheep? Very kind of you if you could help me, this whole thing caused some severe trouble because I already insulted my friend, thinking HE blackmailed me. Karenina