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  1. ArielHost

    Need Some Advice on a Spam Problem

    Yeah, I am using SpamCop's email system for my other email addresses. I had used it a couple of years ago and just signed up again the other day. It works well, and it makes it easy to report the spam.
  2. ArielHost

    Forums vs. Newsgroups

    People still read newsgroups? Just kidding. But seriously, when someone looks for support for something, they are going to go to spamcop.net and see if there is a forum. I doubt the average user is going to know that the newsgroup even exists. Personally, I haven't looked at it since this forum was installed. The pinned topics and annoucements are great - all of the information is here, and it's easily searched.
  3. ArielHost

    Need Some Advice on a Spam Problem

    Well you have the right idea, and it is one I was considering barring any really nifty suggestions. I hate to force people to create an account to submit a ticket, but it's probably the only way to stop wasting my techs' time cleaning the spam out of the helpdesk ten times a day. ****ing spammers...!!!
  4. Hello - I need some suggestions from the gurus in this forum. I recently terminated a hosting customers account because of terms of service violations... now, I believe (but can't prove) that the former customer is using exploited machines to send me a large volume of spam. I block mail on my servers using a number of RBL's, but a lot of it is still getting through. I've used SpamCop's filtered email in the past, and I've signed up again for my personal email accounts (makes the whole reporting process easier as well as filtering, IMO). Now here is the issue I need help with - the spam is also going to my help desk system. The help desk allows users to mail a specific email address to open a ticket. I could remove automatic ticket creation, but unfortunately a lot of my customers like to submit their tickets that way, rather than log in to the helpdesk software manually each time. The help desk software does have filtering, and it works pretty well, however, I still have to manually sort through the items that its marking as spam to make sure that no legit tickets are getting thrown in there. Any suggestions on how I can stop the flow of spam to my help desk? I suppose I could change the email address used for support, but that just causes confusion for my customers, plus there is nothing to stop the spammer from changing the target.
  5. ArielHost

    [Resolved] Spammer Got Us Listed

    I totally agree. For a small businesses like ours in the hosting industry, this kind of thing could easily put us out of business.
  6. ArielHost

    [Resolved] Spammer Got Us Listed

    Thanks to everyone that provided help in this thread... looks like our Senderbase numbers are back to normal. Thank you very much to Jeff - now that we are getting copied on Spamcop reports, we can take action MUCH quicker if it happens again. It's very sad that we now have to pay extra money per transaction for added fraud protection as well as have techs spend time monitoring logs (as opposed to helping customers), but there really isn't any other option... we certainly don't want a repeat of this situation! Edit: Forgot to mention, the same "person" tried it again, but this time got flagged for fraud. Fortunately in both cases we informed the bank about the stolen credit card. Looks like the fraudster is located in Germany.
  7. ArielHost

    [Resolved] Spammer Got Us Listed

    The spammer only opened one account. We have been monitoring Exim logs all day and nothing unusual has been sent - although, since we cut him off last night, no doubt there will be other reports as people look at their email. It was indeed Paypal phishing emails, and the spammer also used a stolen credit card to sign up with us (we've implemented extra anti-fraud procedures to combat this in the future).
  8. ArielHost

    [Resolved] Spammer Got Us Listed

    Jeff, This morning it said that our listing would be removed in 2 hours, but it is still showing up. Is there anything else that needs to be done on our end? The spew should be completely stopped at this point, but I would assume that there are some people who have not checked their email yet and may still report. Ariel
  9. ArielHost

    [Resolved] Spammer Got Us Listed

    Jeff, I signed us up in the link you provided, so hopefully we now receive any spam reports from our server. Thank you for your help, Ariel
  10. ArielHost

    [Resolved] Spammer Got Us Listed

    Jeff, Unfortunately the notices were going to our data center instead of to us. We have corrected that and now should receive the notices directly, which would allow us to take quicker action. Thanks for pointing out the error in the fax information; it is now corrected as well. This person used a stolen credit card to sign up, which has also forced us to sign up for some additional services (FraudGuardian and Varilogix fraud callback service) to prevent these types of things from re-occuring. We think the same spammer tried to sign up again this morning with another stolen credit card, but this time FraudGuardian stopped them. The interesting thing is that they are using AOL IP's to sign up. I've also sent email to AOL's abuse department, but I'm not holding my breath for any type of action. Apologies to anyone affected, this has been a big hassle for us too. Ariel
  11. ArielHost

    [Resolved] Spammer Got Us Listed

    Thanks for the link Farelf. It looks like the guy only got us into two lists; fortunately we shut it off pretty quickly, but some still got out.
  12. A spammer/fraudster signed up for hosting with us and got our mailserver IP listed ( The account was removed as soon as we became aware of the spam, and is set to delist from Spamcop in about 2 hours. Is there a web site where I can easily check the other blocklists to see where else this "person" got us listed?