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    Any idea why Im black listed?

    Fobbed off. Dear Dan, Thank you for your email. Wanadoo is in contact with several well-recognised blacklisting organisations, such as www.spamcop.net and www.spamhaus.org, helping us to make sure that their subscribers do not block our mail servers. It is not always possible for us to keep in contact with all of these organisations. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do if an organisation chooses to subscribe to this blacklist. We are continually striving to improve this situation wherever possible and apologise for any inconvenience. If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us again. Kind Regards Martin Wanadoo Technical Support But on the plus side im making my way through FAQ and things are making a alittle more sense now. Dan
  2. danbar

    Any idea why Im black listed?

    Thanks again all, ill let you know what pearls of wisdom they come back with. Cheers dan
  3. danbar

    Any idea why Im black listed?

    OK techies, as you have been called. This is where ill need help again as according to wanadoo im the first person to ever complain of this problem ( ye right ) Here is what they have to say: Dear Daniel, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we have not received information regarding the difficulties you are currently encountering. If you still have a problem requiring a response, please forward a detailed description, so that we may be of assistance. If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us again. Kind Regards Kimberley Wanadoo Technical Support Now as i dont understand the problem fully i dont know to eplain the problem so that they will understand me. Any help please. Dan
  4. danbar

    Any idea why Im black listed?

    You have all been a help, no question there. Just the be-littling little snipes could of been left out, why try to make someone feel more stupid than they all ready do. I admit that i havent a clue. I understand this may be something you have all covered many times in the past but also understand this is a new problem to me. It doesnt help that i cant find my way around the site yet, this only adds to my confusion. Once i can navigate around the site im sure ill begin taking more in on the hows and whats. I have the aptitude but never the interest. Seeing as there is now a reason to know why and how it works then i guess i will. I now know that its wanadoo that is at fault and its not me personally that is considered a pain in the arse and spamming people. Ill be contacting wanadoo and asking why theyre not providing me with the e-mail service that im paying for and see where that gets me. But thanks for your help and if i do ask a stupid question in the future please dont point out to me how stupid it is but just remember that we all have to start somewhere. Dan
  5. danbar

    Any idea why Im black listed?

    The problem is that he only recieved my e-mail as im on his list as a "friend" but he was still alerted to the fact that im blacklisted. Therefore those who dont have me as a "friend" , ie any of the industries i have been mailing( to no reply) arent getting them. No your right in pointing out that the only information that i did give you was from something called regedit64 or something like that, well spotted. . He had deleted the original ip thing that had said that it was spamcop who had blacklisted me, i thought that maybe any information was better than none. As from reading other questions posted on your forum and also seeing the amount of posts that are moved elsewhere on the forum i can only assume that your site is obviously very user friendly and it must just be me................ Your links and the way you refer to other parts of this site for information are great, however as most of the jargon on here means sodall to me I just wanted someone in the know to purhaps maybe explain what was wrong. Cant wait to buy this product, honest. I only asked for a bit of help!
  6. danbar

    Any idea why Im black listed?

    unfotunately he just wiped it once he had read it, that helps. he has now been on regedit64.net and he has read something that seems to point towards my isp, ie wanadoo are the ones black listed and not me. however as im with wanadoo that just means im listed too. he has sent me this mail to try and help The IP Address above was LISTED in the DNSBL on: 3/16/2005 10:23:24 AM [GMT-5] Category: ABUSE Description: HIJACK/RELAY The IP Address is in a Block of IP Addresses Listed in the DNSBL! Block: First Listing Date: 3/16/2005 10:23:24 AM [GMT-5] Description: smtp3.wanadoo.co.uk The IP Address is in the following Network Network: Domain: uk.wanadoo.com Abuse Email: abuse[at]uk.wanadoo.com First Listing Date: 3/16/2005 10:23:24 AM [GMT-5] Description: abuse[at]fsmail.net so much for keepingthis simple............
  7. i appologiseif this has to be moved moved as i cant figure out where you want this posting. I have a mate with a mail washer, I sent him an e-mail and according to him im black listed by spamcop. My e-mail address is danbar[at]myjoint.wanadoo.co.uk As it happens im be mailed to death at the minute wiuth spam if that mean anything. please keep any help or advice anyone offers really simple as im a bit of a pc biff thanks for ya time dan