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  1. I did NOT change anything and the headers were parsed perfectly up to the day when they suddenly were no longer accepted ! And I will never ever use this stupid forum again And if I ever have any problems again, I will stop using SpamCop - my choice indeed !
  2. Obviously it wasn't resolved and the thread I posted in was EXACTLY the same error messages I don't want to learn more about reading mail headers - I just wanted to keep contributing my spam because it is my understanding that this is what SpamCop needs to be running. I didn't change anything at all - you changed the way the spam is being handled and all of a sudden it didn't work anymore I would prefer that if I EVER shoudl post a question here again that you (Wazoo) NEVER respond to my queries again. I don't like you attitude at all - I don't want to become a mail header expert. If that is what I need to use SpamCop then I will stop. Period. If that is what you want then OK I don't understand at all why Don lets you be forum admin here at all.
  3. Thanks Betsy - I think it is clear now what happened, thanks to SpamCopAdmin and your post. I wish Wazoo would stop posting replies here because it is obvious that he hates to do it and that he hates people who ask questions I have regularly been submitting spam to Spamcop for quite a lot of year now and I was seriously considering quitting doing it if I have to read replies like that. maybe he should also take some lessons in expressing himself clearly - see SpamCopAdmin's explanation compared with Wazoo's
  4. I don't understand one single word of that - what is wrong with the submission ? It is all the information which is provided in the message
  5. Has this problem now recurred ? I am getting the same error message since a few days now for reports like this http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1298503325z1...ea3b572b276a2dz Please help Moderator Edit: extracted from http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7755 as there is no direct relationship to that subject matter .... made into it's own 'new' Topic
  6. As already mentioned, absolutely nothing has been changed at my end. I wouldn't know how to find old tracking URL's from when it worked - how would I find that ? Where can I find the RFC for dates in internet mail headers ?
  7. I have been using this for quite a while and I have not changed anything for a long time and suddenly this problem started. Until recently, everything was working perfectly. Since I didnt change anything, I assume something has been changed at your end Nobody else having similar problems ?
  8. Since yesterday, I get this error message when pasting spam : This email contains no date One example here : http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z955303682z4f...38a60f48a4a55ez has anything been changed ?
  9. Checking the site using IE7, I have noticed a few things : 1. Cookies don't seem to work, I have to log in every time 2. The 'Unreported spam Saved : Report Now' link does not work, a timeout occurs before the next page is displayed Has anybody experienced this ? Any workarounds or will we just have to wait until IE7 comes out of beta (if it ever does )