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    What gives you the right??

    Question? I have a small business a recruitment business. I was getting a failure email from qmail about an email I was trying to sending to one of my clients! I have since found out they use Spamcop! I do not spam companies or my candidates have never done so or ever will, so I have looked into it and I was shocked how easy it is to stop some one from sending emails to people that use spam cop! One click and its done!! my question is what gives you the right to make it so easy for any one with a grudge or wants to stop someone for a laugh sending emails???? Its lucky I know a little about computers to rectify the problem (Change my IP address through the hosting company) I will never recomend this site or system to any one as your reporting is so lax!!! What checks do you do to authenticate that the person reporting the spam it is true and not a hoax? Do you ask them the question why? Please can you give me an answer? I await your reply, Regards, Nick my old blocked address http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= Edit: Wazoo removed the idiotic "font size" tags
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    What gives you the right??

    This is what gets me about all computer geeks!!! My brother to is a geek IT manager of British gas! This came from my host company after I sent them the messages that was posted ! Marina Glamazda: hold on please, i'm checking Marina Glamazda: the IP address has been switched. but it takes a couple of hours for all changes to have effect. you: Oh i hope so I have had a lot of trouble!!! Marina Glamazda: let us apologize about that Just a user I still never got a straight answer from spam cop! I am going now to make money and keep away from chat rooms! I cant be bothered with it! First time in one and definately the Last! Have a good one Nick
  3. NickFreestone

    What gives you the right??

    So I cant raise a concern with out being abusive? I have not been abusive or used any sware words I only asked a simple question. What gives you the right? Our email address is a recruitment email address! So where does your words " Your antisocial behavior has gotten your IP Address Reported using SpamCop as recently as two hours ago, and listed by the SCBL. If you reform, it will be delisted in about 22 hours." Did I touch a nerve asking the question??? Nick
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    Any idea why Im black listed?

    spam cop allows people to submit your IP address and block you! They never check to see if the report is genuine or ask for any proof! Ask me I can tell you all about it it has nearly lost me a big client!! I am fumming!!