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    The weekly Newstips Bulletin has been getting sent by e-mail for decades; it currently goes out from a custom application, generated from an MS Access database, with one addressee per message. The database is manually managed. To be in it, the addressee must be a journalist and must ask (or a senior colleague must have asked) to be included. Any recipient can, at any time, drop a note to any of our published addresses to be removed from our active circulation. The content we send involves a collection of paragraph-length information (all written and originated here) about news (especially product news) developments that the journalist may wish to himself or herself follow up and report. We don't sell anything. All of a sudden, dozens of copies of today's issue were blocked by you. We have been doing another recent large-scale (meaning hundreds) e-mailing, again, one addressee per message. Each addressee is the listed inside PR contact person for a listed CES 2006 (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibitor. We are hosting an event there, and the message refers them to a Web site where they can learn how to submit their products for inclusion in the event. There is no fee, and the event is officially recognized by CES. Earlier in the month, we received scores of bounced mail that was spam, sent from spoofed addresses within this domain. The entire domain is 2 machines, both at this address, and there is no question about that spam coming from elsewhere. Our ISP mail server ( is cited in the SpamCop-blocked Postfix messages. We desire that SpamCop takes measures to no longer interfere with our sending of our entirely appropriate, entirely non-spam e-mail messages. I am unlikely to be on this board again and request that confirmation of such action reach me by phone at 440-338-8400. Martin Winston Newstips