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  1. Ok I did the update[at]abuse.net... so hopefully that will fix the no reporting issue. Something I did notice that was weird is we would get a complaint from some one... we could golook up the ip... the ip would not show as blocked and said last reported spam 3 days ago... yet the message they got was less that a couple of hours old. Next one I get I will try to demonstrate. Basically I guess the whole entire question gets to... is there a way to "register" our mail servers so this stops happening?
  2. UPDATE: just got this. IPs reported in past hour: but when I search on the site.... ISP control center Most recent spam reported about 3.2 days ago So... which is it? Did I just get reported or not?
  3. Whoops... my bad... I had started this message in the beginning and it contained the ip addresses. Looks as if, from the list above, someone here already put in some of our ip addresses. So now I need to go find what login that is. The ip addresses in question were and .71 - which by the link above are not in the sender base... so that's what I obviously need to get corrected. Looks like we also need to get the reports changed from postmaster. This is what happens when you come in behind other people that never wrote any notes. Oh, and on the links... all we were getting was the complaints with a single link to the lookup for the ip address. Oh well, at least that answered all my questions. Thanks.
  4. Ok here's the situation. I have about 8 mailcleaners (filters for spam) that deliver mail to my clustered pop server. The pop server uses spamcop for blocking mail on about 300 or 400 domains that are not filtered. This morning, out of the blue, two of my cleaners were suddenly listed, thus making my pop server reject mail from them. Now... these are not open relays, and if you look at our ip block ( you can clearly see that we have a very low rate of complaints. Now... If a person off our network reports a mail to spamcop... it has our filters in the header... and your system does not seem to properly distinguish the filters from the original source. How do we keep this from happening?