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    Why is the server blocked?

    There's got to be a better way to filter than just using blacklists. My host has told me it's not spam that is being reported, but regular emails that people are misreporting. If SpamCop is so automatic, there is no way to stop the process is someone is reporting emails as spam, even if they are not spam.
  2. theotheragentm

    Why is the server blocked?

    The server was moved recently to a new location, so any transfer would be higher, I would assume. I think these are new IP addresses. I'm not positive about that though.
  3. theotheragentm

    Why is the server blocked?

    I don't know what volume you are speaking of, because those numbers don't mean much to me. Can you explain in more detail, please?
  4. theotheragentm

    Why is the server blocked?

    I have shared hosting, and the host says it is for no reason, but the reports say that there have been reports. Who should receive these reports if there are reports? I check my postmaster account, and I have received no notifications from SpamCop reports, so it's most likely someone else sharing the server. How do I get my host to look at that? My blocked IP Thanks in advance for any help.