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    [Resolved] Blocked, please help!

    Wow. Thank you for your feedback. That was pretty good. I'm relieved to know there's nothing wrong with my mail server. I'll be sure to tell my clients at Maverick Tube what happened. Thank you very much for your trouble and your effort!!!! Andre.
  2. Andre B

    [Resolved] Blocked, please help!

    What is odd is that it would then mean my mail server is from the US, right? Which is not the case. Anyway, I'll post the bounced mail's message here, so maybe you can also help solve this puzzle. So there goes. That was the e-mail which was blocked. Do you have any idea of what may have happened?
  3. Andre B

    [Resolved] Blocked, please help!

    I forwarded the bounced-back e-mail to my server admin and am now waiting for his response. So far, he guarantees that does not belong to our server. Which is odd. Thanks for the replies so far even though I don't understand all of the technical details.
  4. Andre B

    [Resolved] Blocked, please help!

    Thanks everyone for the replies! The IP address that seems to be blacklisted is Once I have some free time I will read the FAQ again. About CCO being the same as BCC, yes that's the same. I always use that, so since it's not supposed to be a problem, I don't know what might be the reason for blocking our IP. Anyway, if you have any further advice now that you have my IP number, please let me know. Thank you again for your help. Andre.
  5. Hello, My name is Andre, I'm from a Brazilian magazine called TN Petroleo. I have been attempting to reach many of our clients and my mails bounce back, saying we have been black listed. I think I know why that can have happened, but let me explain the situation. In our websites ( www.tnpetroleo.com.br and www.tbpetroleum.com.br ) we provide a service to our costumers that is a digital newsletter with news on the oil market and financial data. We send the newsletter twice a week, every monday and thursday. To send the newsletter we use Outlook Express. We copy all e-mail adresses in CCO and send it. That might be the problem, but we don't know how to send the newsletter using other system, that wouldn't report us automatically as spammers. I'd like to add that every single person that receives the newsletter have ASKED to be added to the list, and once one of our clients wish to unsubscribe, we do not send them the newsletter ever again. We respect our clients' privacy. Now, I know we may have to prove our situation, so how can I do it? If it involves lots of technical details... well, we don't have an IT professional here, unfortunately, do you'd have to guide us. Please unlist us. Today I was trying to contact new clients and had to ask their local subsidiaries to forward the e-mail to Houston, since I couldn't reach them. That's very embarassing. Best regards, Andre B.