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  1. Thanks! I guess i'll have to figure out what it is on my end.
  2. I have not been able to contact webmail.spamcop.net since just after Christmas. Is the server down. I can get to it via pop, but I want my horde web based email back. Is it me or is there something wrong on Spamcop's end? I've tried multiple browsers, so I kind think it's down and not a cache issue. I didn't see anything on the news.php page or on the newsgroups. Clark
  3. A valid Q, that I asked her. Do you not have a computer phobic mother. Imagine the worst "click happy", skittish, can't remember password, person and then imgaine worse! Thanks for the pointers?
  4. I am a happy customer, so when my mother complained of spam, I set her up with an account. She has been ecstatic to avoid all the spam she used to get. Recently she has complained that she could not log in to check her email. We tried all the passwords we could think of, but what was most puzzling was that the saved password wasn't working. After much frustration she informs me that she received an email from spamcop that she didn't open. Could that have been the "time to re-up" email that she disregarded? If she didn't pay again (I paid the first time so she may not have understood that this is a paid service), would her login just stop working? If so how would I get her reinstated?
  5. kayaker

    Not receiving certian email?

    XXXX is not my prefix "at" does = [at] I received 3 test emails from you Jeff G. Test 3 from ISINT Test 2 from RR Test 1 from Webmail I don't think that email from "new" addresses are a problem, but at least we can know that now. The problem is with folks from whom I've been recieving email all along. I had a buddy test me out by sending an email to my yahho account as well as my spamcop one. I only recieved the yahoo one.
  6. kayaker

    Not receiving certian email?

    This weekend my friends were all asking why I didn't reply to thier email this week, so I'm back on the trail. Whitelist info: I have only added addresses to the whitelist that are legit but come through with a spam tag. For instance, my Delta Airlines confirmations come tagged as spam, so I whitelisted that address. In what order are the filters applied? White List => Inbox, Black List => trash, spam Assasin => Held, Remaining=> Inbox? I don't understand this exactly?!?! I haven't changed my reply to address. Those who email me regularly have had my spamcop.net address for like 3 years. It is on a few mailing lists and some have stoped coming through where othere still do. I was suposed to get email notifying of your replies to this message but they never came. I have turned off all filters. When I wrote my first message I turned all the filters and black lists of but SpamAssasin. Now SA is off also. I regularly check my Held Mail and it is always void of legitamate email. System address? XXXX"at"spamcop.net?
  7. I have not received any email from anyone who I had previously received mail from after 2/10. I have been getting email to that account but only from email addresses that I emailed after 2/10. I have been messing with the filtering black lists, but no have them all deselected. Block All and Tag Only deselected. spam Assassin set at 8. Personal Blacklist is empty. There are a few records in the Whitelist, but I didn't think you needed everyone you want mail from in that list.