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  1. I really have no idea what you seem to be talking about. What exactly do you believe you "cleared"???

    If this 'wrong' target address for a report shows up "in every parse" .. the easiest thing to guess at is that you have "MailHost configured your Reporting Account" but haven't yet finished that process. The next probable issue is a problem in the stamping done by the ISPs/servers involved in the e-mail headers ... assumedly 'your' ISP in this case????

    The request / suggestion is made in numerous places to provide a Tracking URL such that all this guessing would not have to be involved.

    Cleared = configured = approved.

    VqME is a spam filter which includes a header in every mail it forwards to me. In that header are a number of links to vqME with various handling options: remove from list, approve, block, etc. They are not an ISP, but instead a relay point/filter.

    these header links are being parsed as spam links, even though vqME itself has been configured correctly. So, in my mail config, VqME is displaying, but in spite of numerous attempts at configuration, e-xpedient will not display.

    And, in spite of repeatedly R'ing The F'ing M :D , I don't see instructions for providing a tracking URL.

  2. Is it possible that you've created (or your existing account got changed to) an "ISP" account????  I keep getting confused as my experience is that this screen is clearly labled "ISP Control Center" ... but you don't mention this ...


    My screen does say "ISP Control Center." How can I change the account? Good call.