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  1. Thanks again for taking the time to help. I know that five far eastern sites seem to be promoted from our IP. I looked at our server and it looks OK "on the surface" A. Is it possible that the emails did not REALLY come from our server (sender email spoofed?). How do I prove it? B. Any tools I can use to find a spammer "hidden" on our site? We use IIS on win server 2003. and Smarttools mail server. C. What's next best step? I signed up for an ISP account on SC so I get future reports directly.
  2. 53 thousand emails reflects our average legitimate traffic. So spammers did not take over the machine. We are behind a firewall. mail relay disabled. What are those links? are those the people who reported spam? or the sites that were promoted in the emails that supposedly came from us? Thanks all for your help
  3. One more question: I wonder if the Worm/Sober.Y is part of the problem. We get many emails with this worm. I guess it is the risk when your mailer address is in many address-books.
  4. is the mail server for broadwaybox.com. We have a strictly opt-in mailing list. We are whitelisted by AOL and others. It is a dedicated server. Hosted by Crystaltech. We were listed once in the past, but now we were listed 4 times in last week. One day on, one day off. Trying to find the reason I contacted our hosting company but could not find the “detailed report from Spamcop” A. How can I get the report sent to me, or find the info/links in this report? The first 3 listings quoted “less than 10 users”, but the last one added spam traps. B. Is our situation deteriorating? Message also says: Looking for potential administrative email addresses for cannot find an mx for mail.broadwaybox.com is an mx ( 10 ) for broadwaybox.com C. Is it a reason for blacklisting? Does mail need a separate mx record? Senderbase.org reports our traffic as 500% above average. Our average there is significantly low since we started using this server only 2 months ago (I guess..). I already requested them to update the average. C. Is this (supposedly) surge in traffic, a reason for listing? I read all FAQs and reviewed server settings. Any advice is appreciated.