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  1. 'We' are not protesting putting the submit button in the same place every time.  It is just that we don't seem to have the same problem in finding the submit button.  It must have something to do with how we cursor down or use the mouse.

    If I had to make a guess, the reason it is not before the "To's" is because Julian expects you to read the "To's" before using the submit button.  The technical details can be hidden entirely or skipped over because unless you are puzzled by the parser selection of "To's" you don't have to review every step.  However, the parser is your tool for sending reports - making all the look ups, using user input to avoid sending to spammers, munging (if desired) and composing the report for you - so you should be satisfied that it has done its job properly before sending the report.  It is also a good time for a last look at what you are submitting.  Filtering is never completely accurate and even the best of us can mis-identify email.  The more automatic, the more chance that one clicks to submit without seeing a mistake (or just after seeing the mistake!  Have you never done that?).


    What bothers me is that 'we' can't seem to understand why the submit button keeps moving for you.  There might be some other factor that we haven't considered.

    Miss Betsy


    Let me first tell, how I submit the spam:

    In Eudora I move all the spam to a folder "Canadian Pharmacy".

    The I open Outlook Express, import all the mails from the Canadian Ph.-folder and send the spam as an attachment to "my" spamcop-mail.

    Spamcop sends back an email with one link for each spam-mail.

    Then I click each link so I have 50 browser-windows with one report for each spam-mail. In Spamcop I logged in with cooke-support.

    As there is one email-account that is looked as the spam-sender I have to check each report. And send it by clicking to the button "send spam report(s) now".

    This button uns UNDER all the adresses with to:

    Sometimes there are 1 or 2 adresses and sometimes 6 or 7. So the submit-button is each time in a different position. OF COURSE it is easy to find, but you have to look for it. But I prefer to look at the reports to check them.

    That's why I asked for moving the submit-button to a different location - the best location would be


    SpamCop v 1.514 Copyright © 1998-2005, IronPort Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:


    ------------------- HERE ---------------------

    Please make sure this email IS spam:

    From: "Clint Johnson" <emojkfr[at]okland.no> ([#djmsrul] Youngest girls in hard fu**ing. As in your dream.)

    dream Young pre teen so mail beauty and young

    Business will continue to go where invited and remain where appreciated.He who w

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    because tis is the only place wich is a "fixed" place. After "View full message" is variable.

    So everything clear?!?

  2. I don't understand.

    NOW the submit-button is AFTER presenting all the details. Why do you all protest against putting this button BEFORE presenting the details (like all the To:'s) in a fixed place?!? For example before the line "Please make sure this email IS spam"

    We are told to check all the submitted emails and it's easier whe the submit-button is in a fixed position.

    sorry, I can't understand that.


  3. Quick reporting may be the superior solution however there is always the Skip to Reports link which is always in the same place - the line beneath the tracking URL, immediately before the (variable) parsing detail :)


    there is no skip to reports whe I logged in with cookie-support

    An even when you skip it's not in the same place.

  4. hi,

    I forward "my" spam via outlook (imported from eudora) to "my" special adress to spamcop. Works great.

    I recieve a SpamCop AutoResponder-mail with one link for each spam-mail to send the spam-report (to "confirm" the spam). Works fine, whe using cookie-login.

    On this page I should check each spam-report. Okay, I accept - although I nearly do not understand.

    When sending about 200 spam-mails each day (only spamcop-unknown!) it's rather nasty to check each spam-report while "searching" for the submit-button in the page. So normaly I only "search" the submit-button and do not check the report.

    Couldn't you please put the submit-button on a fixed place on that page so that someone can check the report without "searching" the submit-button?!?

    (Okay, sounds strange, but it's REALLY nasty to klick on that f*** submit-button which is on a different place in each report)

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH (and a merry x-mas!)