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    So potentially....if I paste into notepad first and remove the extra CRLF, then copy and paste into the form it might work?
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    I am using Hotmail...aka web version of Outlook.
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    Sorry to say I'm giving up for now. I have spent so many hours trying to configure my mailhost...just one...and I cannot even accomplish that. It seems that the problem might be that I am using Hotmail/outlook which is not working well with SpamCop. I cannot figure out all the workarounds and configurations. So sorry I cannot be part of the solution.
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    I really want to be part of the solution by reporting spam so the message can get back to the hosts. However, I am trying to use the single box submit method, and copy the entire message source and paste it in that box. When I click the "Process spam" box, I get a "No Data Found" message. I have also tried the " outlook/Eudora workaround form", but without success there either. When I view the message source, I'm not sure where the header ends and the "decoded email body" starts. I have tried multiple selections of the message source pasted into the two boxes and I still get a "No Data Found" message.