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    Spamcop Blocking Me on T-Mobile

    thank you for the replies - i am using tmobile as my isp but my smtp mail servers are through host department. I have spoken extensively to them as well as tmobile and neither has been able to solve my issue. i will try and use an alternative smtp and see if that will work - will keep you posted...
  2. ajsla

    Spamcop Blocking Me on T-Mobile

    thanks - I get an actual error message on my phone not an email mailed to me that contains a message. my error stets exactly - Sending error blocked - for information see - http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? I am using my t-mobile data plan to access the internet which is why I have a t-mobile IP, nothing to do with my mail servers or domains that I pay for. This occurs on every email I send regardless of the recipient. Since I began my post my IP has either changed or the request i have submitted to unblock this IP has gone through so this IP is now unblocked, but I have been down for 7 hours and either way, I will have the issue again in a day or two since I have had this going on repeatedly for 1 1/2 months. I have had this phone, data plan and domain for 2 years so this is a new issue and not due to ISP, domain, hardware switches. I have contacted spamcop through email 3 times, and have yet to receive a reply. Any help you can offer I appreciate
  3. ajsla

    Spamcop Blocking Me on T-Mobile

    I posted at another forum and did not receive the information that I am needing. to the administrator: here are the facts: ANY email I send from my T-Mobile Treo, routed through any email server gives me an error message: spamcop.net/bl.shtml (with my IP) I then go to the link, check to see if I am on the blocked list and ask to be removed. I have no viruses on my phone and in 12-22 hours I am removed. The problem is that i get a new IP in the AM from T-Mobile and the process starts all over again. I have read the FAQ, emailed spamcop numerous times with no reply and have had T-Mobile read the FAQ as well as my lawyer - I am out of options, ideas and patience - very specific, how can this be fixed?
  4. I am being blocked on my tmobile treo from sending emails every few days. i get the sending error 451 with my IP and I have to go and request it to be unblocked. But since my ip ois dynamic, every time i log on i get a new one and the scenerio plays over - THIS IS UNACCCEPTABLE and ILLEGAL to monitor, block or do anything with my private correspondence. I am sending it from my treo so I cannot be a major spammer and I do not have a virus on my phone. I am losing money by not being able to send emails and am livid that you, spamcop, has some sort of control over my emails and I have never heard of you. I am at this moment on the phone with T-Mobile's legal department discussing my options but want this addressed from spamcop ASAP.