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    What about 'picture' spam?

    Thanks for that hint. I did not think to manually include something. Just an FYI (I'm not savvy on the terms used here), by "manual reporting" I mean that I go to the SpamCop web site and click on "Report spam" (actually I have it bookmarked to make it easy to get to), and then I cut and paste the headers into the Outlook/Eudora workaround section and the message body (either the text or the HTML as appropriate) into the message box. I then click on "Submit" and finish the reporting. Is this what people on this forum mean by "manual reporting?" - Alan
  2. GeorgiaRebel

    What about 'picture' spam?

    I too have been receiving about the same number of these "picture spams" every day. The following link is one I reported today: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z840424644z9f...dc9d82ceca3788z I can't report these manually unless I allow the picture to be loaded (the tag for the image isn't there until the picture is loaded). Here is an example of the tag <img src=cid:295a84267eaaa8f5953cf0692b5f9a4b> The gif file appears as an attachment and the message body is blank. If I try to manually report this spam, SpamCop says that there is no message and refuses to send a report. I can use SpamControl to automatically send the message for reporting and SpamCop accepts the spam for reporting. I normally do a manual report of my spam, but SpamCop doesn't seem to be able to handle these picture type spams. Is there something else I can do (I really don't like to use SpamControl) to get these reported other than allowing the spam picture to display? - Alan