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  1. Yes, I understand that. ThePlanet seems to have problems with the headers it's using, so they are the "source" insofar as they are masking whoever the "real" source is. I don't know how to provide a tracking URL for the message (Is it just the page you go to if you click the number listed in the "Past Reports" tab?), but I'd gladly provide one if someone gives me a brief walkthrough.
  2. Heh, not likely. ThePlanet refuses to discuss the issue with me since I'm not PCI. I can TELL them things, but they ignore me. My first call to PCI went straight to voicemail and I never received a response. My second call to PCI got a human being who shifted me to a different voicemail WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME when I mentioned the issue. The callback I received from THAT voicemail is documented above... where they told me that they switched IPs because of the spamcop issue. Of course, this morning one of the spam emails I submitted to SpamCop resolved to the "new" IP that they switched to: Looks like they're going to get back on the SCBL because they can't be bothered to fix their headers or clean their computers. Either way, I'm past caring. I've switched all my "important" email contacts directly to my personal email accounts and have bypassed the need for the UC Berkeley Alumni forwarding.
  3. I agree completely. The problem is these people who can't be bothered to fix the underlying "disease" and instead just treat the symptoms... ultimately, the patient will die. I have tried to indicate to the Alumni Association that they are doing business with a company that isn't following best practices and is likely to have future problems of the same nature, but more severe. Hopefully SOMEONE out there will listen.
  4. Well, good news and bad news... Email forwarding is working again, but only because PCI has started using a different IP address. The "new" IP is = list.publishingconcepts.com... still with ThePlanet. ThePlanet "owns" the IP range of -, all of which apparently "really" belongs to AT&T WorldNet Services which has the whole 12.xx.xx.xx block. This does very little (if anything) to solve the "root" cause. I had already contacted ThePlanet earlier (as they are, as you noticed, the registered owner of the IP) and they told me that they could only deal with PCI, and not with me. Since the spam problem appears to have (potentially) risen within ThePlanet, switching to another server from the same people seems "unwise" to me. I still maintain that PCI is at fault, at the VERY least for taking MULTIPLE days to fix these issues. This is not an "Oops, we're blocked, let's fix it in 15 minutes"... I actually got the impression (based on a followup voice mail) that the guys at PCI didn't even KNOW that they were on the SCBL until I TOLD THEM in the voicemail that I left them this morning. So, watch out for ThePlanet and PCI... I'd avoid either of those companies personally.
  5. As in interesting side-note, the PCI website seems to be down. Looks like they're having "issues". I hope they lose clients over this. For a company that is "big" enough to offer these sorts of services to MAJOR universities to screw up this bad... well, let's just say I'm massively unimpressed.
  6. So the question remains, are PCI's mail servers infected/pwn3d or is someone sending through their forwarding service and PCI just has malformed headers that Spamcop can't parse... Since Spamcop always SEEMED to be able to parse spam that I received through my forwarded emails (i.e., when I cut/paste the message source into spamcop it correctly says that the "sender" is in Russia or China or wherever, and not that it's PCI), my guess is that they have either recently changed the way they are doing their headers (yeah right) or someone on their network security staff needs to get fired.
  7. Doesn't seem to be related... they're not using PCI and the problem seems to be misdirected bounces at Cornell itself rather than actual spam from some downstream "service" provider. Good eye though!
  8. Thanks! I feel a little bit ticked off that we are (well, not so much ME, mostly you guys) are essentially doing PCI's job for them. I'm going to make sure that I do my best to let UC Berkeley know the kind of company that they're doing business with and get them to switch vendors. Anyone know of a "competitor" to PCI who could offer reliable (i.e., never have THIS problem) email forwarding of a scale that the UC system could switch to? I'd love to have a recommendation for the Alumni Association...
  9. As far as my webhost offering a whitelist... I know that they could whitelist it for ALL of the domains that they host (they said as much), but I need to know if I should expect my webhost to be able to whitelist a sender for my domain only, so that *I* can take responsibility for my email addresses potentially receiving spam without other hosted domains getting involved. Thanks for your help so far!!
  10. I am an alumnus of UC Berkeley. As a member of the Alumni Association, I have an email forwarding alias from a Berkeley domain: XXXXXX[at]cal.berkeley.edu for example. The University of California system (as well as many other universities apparently) uses PCI data company (publishingconcepts.com) to fulfill this service. PCI has apparently run afoul of the Spamcop SCBL, at least for one of their forwarding servers. http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&ip= As a result, I'm not getting any email since my webhost (icdsoft.com) uses the SCBL on all incoming mail for all domains, and cannot disable it for my domain or include the above IP on a whitelist for my domain. So, am I "screwed" and at the mercy of these PCI idiots (who have AWFUL customer service, by the way)... or do I (as an end user) have any recourse? Also, on a side-note, should my webhost be able to offer a whitelist in order to "quick fix" the problem for me? Is it time to shop for different hosting? All suggestions will be much appreciated.