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  1. jrhett

    Getting reports

    You know what, forget I asked. All my other queries were shut down (even though each was a valid question). People are continuing to ask "what is my IP?" and various other irrelevancies, when every post I've made has made it clear that we're the abuse contact helpdesk for many IPs. And Wazoo and others are just going through and closing off open topics ... for no reason clear to me. spam can be stopped by people working together to make it happen. It isn't going to be stopped by people playing power games, and having fun being rude to each other. I've de-listed all of our netblocks. This is a waste of time.
  2. jrhett

    Getting reports

    They didn't try to fill in the blanks. They instead rewrote the question into a completely different question. And then used that standpoint to talk down to me. Rude, and not-useful. I am the abuse contact there. As you would know if you looked at the mail archive and my repeated queries about this. No, I asked three distinct questions, two of which have been closed without an answer. Apparently resolving problems with spam isn't in the interests of SpamCop. You do realize that you have quoted above all of the information that proves that I logged into there. I (and many others) answer abuse[at]svcolo.com. Your quote above proves that we've registed this with you, and that our whois is maintained properly. And yet we aren't getting but 1 in 10, 20 ... I dunno how many reports we haven't gotten. Just these summaries of "in the last hour".
  3. She had a right to be snide and condescending to me? She is allowed to reframe it in a condescending manner and use it to ridicule? But my request that she answer the question that I asked is rude? I'm trying to do my job. This isn't the place for placing jerk-off games, and I don't appreciate this little power play. The point is to get the job done, right? So let's focus on that.
  4. jrhett

    Nice. Real nice.

    I'd just like to point out that spamcop does a darn good job of making ISPs want to work with them. 1. No reports, summaries but no reports. 2. No links in reports as claimed by the FAQ 3. Lackluster e-mail response and then when I sign on to the forum in an attempt to get attention paid on the issues, I get talked down to and the topics closed off without anything even approaching a valid answer. Isn't the goal to stop spammers? Don't you want ISP helpdesks to be working with you? Then stop making us regret it.
  5. jrhett

    Getting reports

    I've been waiting several months for this to get fixed. Not weeks. ...Hopefully, the following SpamCop FAQ article and other user's threads will help answer your questions: How do I register an abuse[at] email address? ISP account - how to get details of reports? If anything here still leaves you with a question in your mind, please pop back in here to ask them as follow-ups. Thanks! I have already read this. I registered the networks several months ago. I clarified that they were registered correctly. I have sent several queries about this, and keep being told that the networks are set up correctly and that I should be receiving these reports. But I'm not. Spamcop staff have investigated and confirmed that they haven't been sent (not a reception problem on my side) but somehow, this is not getting fixed.
  6. jrhett

    Getting reports

    Miss Betsy, I am glad you are trying to help but PLEASE stop assuming that we're some little shop at the end of the line blah blah blah. We _ARE_ the provider, we are the top of the heap, not the bottom. I meant exactly what I said, really. Every few hours we get From: summaries[at]admin.spamcop.net Subject: Alert Date: December 15, 2005 4:37:06 PM PST To: abuse[at]svcolo.com IPs reported in past hour: Very nice, IF we were also getting the spam reports associated with those entries!
  7. A. We aren't blocked so this doesn't apply. I'm trying to find valid spam and enforce our AUP when necessary. You're thinking about this backwards (for our situation) B. same as A C. The FAQ in C claims that there is a link in the spam report to dispute it. I have 5 or 6 sitting right in front of me, and not a single one has such a link. If you want, I'd be happy to cut and paste all of their contents into a post here just to prove it. D. Seeing ####[at]reports.spamcop.net made me assume that it was invalid. If we can just reply, that's one avenue.
  8. I have no idea what you are replying to. We don't send mail. I don't know what other post you're referring to. We are a large ISP. We have thousands of customers. We are trying to get spamcop reports and deal with them. So far, not a single spamcop report has been valid (ie was spam). A large number of them have been obviously not spam (the mailing list example above) Can you stop re-thinking the question into some specific situation and answer the actual question I asked?
  9. jrhett

    Getting reports

    So I'm not getting much more than "we'll look into it" from e-mail so I'm posting this here. We signed up for all of our active allocations. And faithfully, I get an e-mail every few hours with "IPs reported in the last hour" So we've had about two dozen IPs show up there, but I've gotten about 4 reports in the last month we've been signed up. Impossible to investigate without having the reports, this hourly thing is starting to just get ignored by the abuse staff. Someone clue me in on how to actually see all of these reports?
  10. Okay, so we've now found two different circumstances where people have apparently taken the following steps. 1. Gotten a new e-mail 2. Send the new address to all of their friends 3. Set up their old e-mail to send everything to spamcop Well, that would work okay if they had finished unsubscribing and resubscribing to all of their mailing lists as the new e-mail. Which they didn't. Nor did they inform their ISP, who continues to send invoices to the old e-mail, etc etc and such forth. I think that SpamCop needs the ability for people to identify/vote for false reporters and to get them shut down in a reasonable amount of time.
  11. The SpamCop reporting thing is nice, but something is either unclear to me or missing. I'm hoping someone can clue me in. Someone reports a message as spam. You do a bit of research and find that it clearly isn't spam. How can we reply to the user? Example: mailing list message reported as spam. Research: 1. Valid, real signup-only mailing list 2. Member signed up a year ago 3. Archives of the list show this person as a frequent poster on the list So clearly they made a mistake in reporting this. A couple of things need to be done. 1. We need some way to report to the user that a mistake was made (on their part) 2. The incident should be pulled from the statistics (if the user agrees, naturally)