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  1. Outernaut

    SpamCop says it's too old, it's not

    Thanks any way.
  2. Outernaut

    SpamCop says it's too old, it's not

    Thanks. Now everyone will think you answered the question. A PM would have sufficed. Lord Google says it's (Tracking URL) is for web sites. OK, won't include any source again. Are YOU able to answer the question about using IP's because spammers use a few IPs to spoof domain names that we end up sending to SpamBot that may blacklist innocent web owners. ~o~
  3. Outernaut

    SpamCop on cPanel - do-able?

    spam Assassin/spam Filters seems stuck in the domain name/TLD groove when it comes to blocking senders. No where have I found a way to block IP addresses. Not without spending a great deal more time and money in a VPN I'll need 34 of them) and then, ~maybe'~ perhaps possibly block IP #'s. It's no wonder that spammers get away using, and using real domain names as the sender/reply-to when all they want is for us click on the link in the email so they get their affiliate commission, or we open the Trojan. This ... is ones that I receive with dozens a day all with different domain names. Assuming 173.#.#.# is on a shared host, then wouldn't blocking 173.*.*.* deny email from all the other domains on that shared host? If so - maybe the honest ones will rant enough that the Host will have to review their logs and do their job as landlords of some web lots-for-rent. I can block, and same spammer uses from visiting the web server, why not email? One day - maybe. Today, I manually pasted the message sources to SpamCop, as I have this last week, and they still keep coming from the same yahoo. Today, about 20 of them - all with same IP, different domain names/TLD. Now I feel guilty for sending stuff that may block the innocent web domains! BTW - The Forum topic you linked me to is 16 years old; the author said he made changes, but didn't say what, and the topic changed to chicken pox somehow. But thanks any way. ~0~
  4. Outernaut

    SpamCop says it's too old, it's not

    RESPONSE::: Using ThunderBird (TB) Email client, this just arrived at 11:01 - by my Windows clock. The time shown arriving by TB is "12:16 PM" Between 11:00 AM until now (11:07 PM) the email account has sent 11 emails, and received 63. TB checks for email every 10 minutes. NOTE: That all previous emails of today were retrieved by TB within the 10 minute 'check' auto-task. The following is the only one that is 11 hours late. I hope it is enough, and not too much. From - Wed Aug 5 22:58:08 2020 X-Account-Key: account5 X-UIDL: UID4435-1531670317 X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-Mozilla-Keys: Return-Path: <info-a146-2260-2262-6dae75f5=2337072=8@specialtstaffing.com> Delivered-To: --REDACTED-- Received: from --REDACTED-- by elm.###########.com with LMTP id 8K2XFSuaK1+KSQAAEzXE3g (envelope-from <info-a146-2260-2262-6dae75f5=2337072=8@specialtstaffing.com>) for <--REDACTED-->; Thu, 06 Aug 2020 01:50:35 -0400 Return-path: <info-a146-2260-2262-6dae75f5=2337072=8@specialtstaffing.com> Envelope-to: --REDACTED-- Delivery-date: Thu, 06 Aug 2020 01:50:35 -0400 Received: from hiko5.specialtstaffing.com ([]:36558) by elm.--REDACTED--.com with esmtps (TLS1.2) tls TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 (Exim 4.93) (envelope-from <info-a146-2260-2262-6dae75f5=2337072=8@specialtstaffing.com>) id 1k3YnL-0004nI-WD for --REDACTED--; Thu, 06 Aug 2020 01:50:35 -0400 Subject: Confidential: Premium Account Update ...!! From: "Bitcoin-Team" <info@specialtstaffing.com> To: --REDACTED-- Sender: info@specialtstaffing.com Reply-To: info@specialtstaffing.com Date: 05 Aug 2020 19:16:17 -0000 List-Unsubscribe: <https://track-des.specialtstaffing.com/ga/unsubscribe/2-2337072-146-1146-2262-25dd84b5df146fe-6194970106?confirmed=1>, <mailto:info-a146-2260-2262-6dae75f5=2337072=8u@specialtstaffing.com> X-CampaignID: s4:2260-3393e99952aae9c7 Message-ID: <mid-ed5112dc651635258de6ebc8f9daac19-2@specialtstaffing.com> X-Mailer-Info: 8.QYxQjN.gMyYDM.Qaul2YAlmb0VmcuVGdp52YuMWY.gMzMzNwcjM.gMyYjM MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="==f6f474df7f8a7153e32458571ba76c01" X-spam-Status: No, score=1.3 X-spam-Score: 13 X-spam-Bar: + X-Ham-Report: spam detection software, running on the system "elm.--REDACTED--.com", has NOT identified this incoming email as spam. The original message has been attached to this so you can view it or label similar future email. If you have any questions, see root\@localhost for details. Content preview: Congratulations on your Premium Customer account. This confidential message is for: --REDACTED--. Investment plan on account: # 9854 Read the details here: Content analysis details: (1.3 points, 2.0 required) pts rule name description ---- ---------------------- -------------------------------------------------- 0.0 URIBL_BLOCKED ADMINISTRATOR NOTICE: The query to URIBL was blocked. See http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/DnsBlocklists#dnsbl-block for more information. [URIs: specialtstaffing.com] 1.1 DATE_IN_PAST_06_12 Date: is 6 to 12 hours before Received: date -0.0 SPF_PASS SPF: sender matches SPF record 0.0 T_KAM_HTML_FONT_INVALID BODY: Test for Invalidly Named or Formatted Colors in HTML 0.0 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message 0.0 HTML_FONT_LOW_CONTRAST BODY: HTML font color similar or identical to background 0.2 KAM_TRACKIMAGE RAW: Message has a remote image explicitly meant for tracking X-spam-Flag: NO This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --==f6f474df7f8a7153e32458571ba76c01 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Congratulations on your Premium Customer account. This confidential message is for: --REDACTED--. Investment plan on account: # 9854 Read the details here: For the highest return on investment, it is recommended that you << brevity >> Thanks for waiting. ~o~
  5. Outernaut

    SpamCop on cPanel - do-able?

    Thank you @gnarlymarley I very much appreciate your time. I've no idea if that is what I'm looking for. If it would be accessible, which it is not, then maybe - IF it will let me block IP addresses - as in 170.###.###.###. That link-post has over 4,500 words to digest and most of it is geekinese. I traversed all of the cPanel>spam Filters (told by host that spam Assassin is spam Filters), but could not find any "rule" you allude to, or place to add it. I perused "New SpamAssassin rules" and frankly, it's way over my head, not my forte, and time is not on my side. As it is, if you look at my OP, under "Email" in the image, is all the Email functions available to us. I find it very odd that there is no ability to block/ban email from/to ip addresses. Since this spammer uses a few of the ip addresses range in 170.* and uses a new email address in each spam. ~O~
  6. Outernaut

    Three Ways to Report spam

    When you Gurus use acronyms, PLEASE, at least ONCE, use the full the expression. As in Gee, I Hate Acronyms (IHA) and THEN use your acronyms, even if replying to how much IHA. It makes it easier, and faster for us noobs, and we're not aghast at trying to figure out what a baseball league has to do with spam reporting. *BTW - SCBL by lord Google is "Santa Clara Baseball League", and other teams belonging to the league. Thank you ~o~ * No need to go there, I found (finally) the explanation for your SCBL.
  7. QUESTION: May I set up some anti-spam system using SpamCop on my hosted accounts via cPanel that will scan incoming email and mark and/or delete/report known spam? PRELUDE: Assume: there are 20 domains under a shared-hosting reseller account. Each domain has anywhere between 1 to 10 email accounts. each domain has it's own cPanel each has a email system (see Image 1 below) spam Filters is powered by Apache SpamAssassin™ Professional spam Filter is a separate charge many business-card size domains don't want to pay for. SUMMARY: As it is, there is a great amount of spam even with SpamAssassin set to 2.5. I know very little about automating SpamCop to detect, report, and delete spam on the server side; ego my question. I seem to remember being told that SpamHause, and Assassin both use SpamCop somehow. How? CONCLUSION: I would like to have SpamCop working via the server to delete known spam before it gets to the client email, and/or report spam known by client. ~O~
  8. Outernaut

    SpamCop says it's too old, it's not

    Sorry, but that was gone after I posted the query. Yet reading everyone's response has helped me understand it better. I've no idea how, after email is checked for at minimum, 5 minutes and as for this one, as I've seen with as few others, show up two or three days late. Thanks for the help.
  9. Occasionally I get errors when manually posting. Then SpamCop (SC) says it's too old. Today is May 4. It was 0915Hrs when I posted the text copy of spam at SC. This account checked every 5 minutes for email. Out of 34 mail accounts I monitor, this is the only one that would be sitting at server not picked up for (I don't use web-mail). It is highly unlikely that it would sit on server for 6 minutes, let alone 6 days! This is a spam that sells PSD's (Personal Safety Devices AKA PPE) through China. I'm sure others have reported it, but... It was received on the server TODAY @ 0434HRs TODAY. It seems spammers are able to backdate their garbage, or hold it then send it a few days later to circumvent being caught. Could that be the case? If so, I'll not bother investigating China-only server-side dates. Thanks ~o~
  10. These pop up now: Happens with both FireFox and Chrome. 'nuff said about that. ~o~
  11. Outernaut

    How Do I Use SC on MY Mail Server?

    Thanks gnarlymarley. It's great having people like yourself jump in and help us noobs Sorry again for delayed response - - - again to switching out Mother boards. ~o~
  12. Outernaut

    How Do I Use SC on MY Mail Server?

    Thanks @Lking I asked my Host if I am permitted to use Spamcop in some way. Tech support said "Yes". I HAD access to Professional spam filter but a while ago the host raised the rates and replaced "Free" with 'Add-ons Extra' and disabled Pro spam Filter. We just have Apache spam Assassin / spam Filter. I gather I need to buy access to the add-on Pro spam Filter? It's in cPanel, but haven't used it since they disabled it and started charging extra for it. I am just feeling my way around Spamcop, and anti-spam server-side. If I NEED Pro spam Assassin, I have a hard time caving in to extortion by the Host - as I see it. ~o~ BTW - Will there be, or is there any move to getting a payment gateway for adding "fuel" to SpamCop??
  13. THE QUESTION: Is there a guide that helps one establish the relationship tween SC and the mail servers so any inbound SC-designated spam, is deleted? In another Thread/Post/Topic (depends on your language) 'gnarlymarley - Advanced Member' said: First, I read the 300+ lines of links in the FAQ - but most discuss "Page Not Found - 404" - so I ask here. BACKGROUND: I have 64 domains, each with their so-called "own mail server". I have access via WHM (crippleware)/ cPanel to each domain. FYI: The 'free' (un-huh) "SpamAssassin" was replaced with the costly "Professional spam Filter" by the server hosts. Being the host is a affiliate of "Professional spam Filter", explains why they did it, but doesn't explain where their ethics and morals went. TIA -0-
  14. Outernaut

    Why am I paying with my time?

    Wonderful but I already knew that some people would like SpamCop to use PayPal. Add me to the list, or is the link a subtle survey?