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  1. Outernaut

    To Bounce or Not to Bounce?

    One account I am interested in protecting (Y.Com for example) is on a shared server/IP. It's one of those reseller programs similar to what Hostgator and the like offer. The account has it's own domain name of course, and may have a multitude of email addresses. The email IP octet set has one number different in the last octet than the site IP shared address. i.e. Site may be 123.456.789.001 and the email is 123.456.789.002 I sent a email out from me@y.com to myself at a telecom email address. The headers showed the IP for the shared host email IP, followed by my ip at the telecom. If I understand you correctly, then my IP is showing? Is there a handy-dandy how-to for noobs you could recommend that addresses this issue of 'to bounce or just delete'. ? I very much appreciate your time, ~o~
  2. Outernaut

    To Bounce or Not to Bounce?

    Can someone tell me where I should be asking this question? Should I open a account at cPanel and ask them? Thanks
  3. Outernaut

    To Bounce or Not to Bounce?

    I will try to explain better: Mail arrives at server and in cPanel > Global Email Filters is where I enter the IP, and choose what to do with that IP next time email arrives. The "Action" options are: To Filter, I use: I enter a name for the filter (I use the offending IP - easier to find), then under Rules, from drop-down I choose "Any Header" > "Contains" and enter the IP address, or parts of it. and Under Actions, is where I choose what to do with it. My choices are: Discard Message Redirect to email Fail with message (bounce?) Stop processing rules Deliver to folder Pipe to a program I assume these checks are done as email arrives. Do you think 'Fail with message' shows my IP or senders? Too, the server Host tells me they scan for spam using default of '5' and use Spamcop, so I shouldn't have to do anything, BUT, I have my settings via spam Assassin (now Apache SpamAssassin) set to 2.5 and raunchy spam with phishing, worm, or Trojans still come through daily. The generic spam, those with my winning the latest Apple stalker, a contest winner, parcel waiting for pick up or receive my millions of dollars on hold, ad nauseum arrive daily.
  4. Outernaut

    To Bounce or Not to Bounce?

    I'm no longer able to find the article here about to Bounce or not to Bounce so apologies. Preamble: (using cPanel > Global Email Filters settings) When adding a IP address to a black list, I can choose "Fail With Message" and prompted with a text box to provide the "message". There is a lot of chatter (82 pages @ 25 topics each with numerous replies) regarding bouncing, but no pro or cons to bouncing emails. QUESTION: GURUS! Is it best practice to bounce, or not to bounce and just delete them? TIA, ~o~
  5. Outernaut

    OVH.Net spam ?

    @gnarlymarley First of all, I don't accept public wmail from clients. Either they use their real email, or they don't get a reply. So, when invoices go out, it's to real email address. Google, Microsoft and ilk are not involved. I have the invoices sent to a real email and BCC my invoicing ware to another email address. Like so: (public mail is NOT involved - ever!) From: billing@anotherdomain.TLD Reply to: billing@anotherdomain.TLD To: Client@domainname.TLD BCC:billing@anotherdomain.TLD, copies@copies.TLD The BCCs arrive. I added a additional test by BCC: my_private_email@Big-Telcom.TLD and those arrive as well. Two clients use a big telecom instead, thereby branding/advertising the telecom, not their own domain, but using a 2 x 4 to convince them otherwise is still illegal. They get their invoices. Not to their-site.TLD @KNERD I refuse to send invoices through any public web-mail stalker. All my clients have their own TLD. I even offer to set them up with real email 'nullamque causam'. So Google and ilk are never involved. Those that insist on not using a real email address, get their invoices via snail-mail +$6.50 fee. Most pay the fee since it's only once 6 or 12 month, pending plan. The crux is this, that most are served invoices from the same mail server - the only thing not reaching clients are the invoices. I checked the server but no emails deleted, bounced, or junked. @KNERD You betcha! Wouldn't have it any other way, save for 10 email accounts at my telecom. The rest, clients and myself on my own Email servers.
  6. Outernaut

    Reply-To abuse

    I know. Often they had the Gmail address before the website, and to have two email addresses seems a complexity beyond them. "But I can set up forwarding for you." "Too complicated." "An email account @yourwebsite will look more professional." "I'm doing fine. I just wanted a website, that's all." Yeppers. I try not to use the term "email" when referring to Gmail, because if Gmail were Email, they'd call it 'Email', not Gmail. Telus, a large telecom in Canada, recently sent all customers Email accounts to Gmail, but they still use their regular ****@telus.net It's just the Google can now scan and profile Telus customer Gmails and pimp their data to peeps and perves. Europe forbade Google and fined them for spying on Gmail users, but no such law in N.A. Mozilla sold out clients privacy to Google as well. I've always believed that if one can't get government or corporations to do the honest and right thing, they must embarrass them into it. Case example; it took one person to light the fire and two years hard work, but embarrassed Google and Microsoft into doing the right thing, a battle started by a person that wrote to techCrunch, which the BBC picked up and the New York Times also did a story but in much more detail . Both Google and Microsoft took umbrage, but did the right things and made significant changes to their search algorithms. By the way, apparently, the issue had been reported to several child protection agencies - which did nothing. There must be a similar way to get Google to stop mining people's privacy. ~o~
  7. Outernaut

    OVH.Net spam ?

    I am curious if you are not getting bounces or if the invoice emails are going to their spam folders and they are not paying attention to it. Google has made some changes to their spam folders a few years back and now I have to check the spam folder on a daily basis for non-spam email. I have no idea @gnarlymarley where the emails are going.Any mail with any of those addresses ends up in the byte bucket. As for my own domains' email send-outs disappearing, it seems only Google mail rejects them. Was probably something I said I hate to say this, but I guess I'll have to set up a kmail account at Google, and check what's happening that way. I still think Pinemail was better. ~o~
  8. Outernaut

    Reply-To abuse

    No need unless you want to. You did ask WDYT and my reply is what I think Internet Stalking (stalking being the kindest word) is a deep rabbit hole and at the bottom of most holes is usually a load of poop. And it ain't the bunny's!
  9. I think this topic is old, but not obsolete - yet and still with good, useful cautions. IMO: There is no such thing as a free meal, nor is there such a thing as "free" software/app/program/scripts/services whatever it's called this month. The government and corporate stalkers have pre-purposed what our rights to privacy are. There being no fixed dollar value on 'privacy', privacy is therefore deemed value-less. In exchange for "free" -stuff-, we pay with value-less privacy. READ THE PRIVACY POLICY and/or Terms of Use of almost any telcom giant or any small business-card style website and if you survive the legalese and gobbledygook you'll find that using the sites services or whatever, invalidates your right to privacy and that it is open season on your privacy. In short, Internet "free" means no money is exchanged - just your privacy. Keep in mind, that it is best to read the privacy policy, BEFORE entering in to any agreement with any -thing- on the Internet. ALSO: When you see those annoying, thug-like warnings that states "We use cookies and other ..." Note the keywords "and other"! If they do not explain what "other" is, then they don't want you to know what else it is they are doing with your privacy so run - there are many websites that will probably have what you're looking for, without stalking you with "and other" embedded spyware. Too, "cookies" are not always the cute little helpers they pretend to be. ~O~
  10. Outernaut


    @petzl Good stuff to know petzl. Thanks.
  11. Outernaut

    Reply-To abuse

    Personally, I think any kind of spam should be easily reported to a central 'spam' clearing house. But that costs money and most giants are so micro-managed that a 25 cent cost raises flags - and the responsibility of spam-prevention is what they dump onto webmail clients - a cost-saving to the Giants and 'free tools' for customers to embark on dealing with spam themselves. In times past we'd call that tossed to the wolves. Giants call it additional free service. Gmail, IMHO is the hot-bed for spammers. As are most 1free webmail-wannabe real E-mail web sites. It seems there is to much for the giants to even care about when they can just pass the buck, and the spam, to it's customers victims. As a 'host' to 68 sites, each with a different number of email accounts, I try very hard to keep them free from spam. Yes, they have a variety of tools with which they can use to reduce spam, but no one wants to take the time to dig out the offenders addresses, take the steps to add the offender to a list, to delete the spam when it comes from that source. Too, I am amazed at the number of clients that sport a good domain and use name@gmail.com of boss@mywebsite.com. I often ask "Why don't to you use your own domain address and promote that instead of promoting google?" I'm met with that 'deer in the headlights stare'. I believe that Google has already assimilated most of the roughly 10,617,060 tons of grey matter walking about so the slow demise of real email via a email client is dying or forced out by telcoms who pimp people's privacy out by profiling users via Webmail. You asked for it - You did say "WDYT?" ~o~ 1 Free webail in exchange for it being scanned, analyzed, and added to your Google profile. The 'web' shows us that our 'right to privacy' is non-existent and that our privacy is open-season to those that harvest our information, and it's only seen as a value to them, not us. spam is so far down the list of telcoms interests that not even Google could find it, or want to.
  12. Outernaut

    OVH.Net spam ?

    I'm confused, because my 'system' that has been sending invoices for years, using the same format, except edited a couple of times so as not to appear spamish are blacklisted. Recently, none get through, and I only find out after 2 months when no one has paid - they are not getting them. I get copies from same account that sends the invoices. Somewhere, a anti-spam decided to add my IP to their list based on what - invoice attached? It's getting so that legal, honest emails are being beaten down while faked large corporate names abused in spam (Apple winner etcetera) get off. Anti-spam may fade away, and lose it's battle. But only because the large corporate peons running Gmail, YahooMail, HotMail (still), Livemail and other privacy harvesters and ilk won't support anti-spam. Most people have been conned into using webmail and are just commodity - innocent collateral Googies. I now use SpamCop just to paste those entire message source so I can easily read the tracks and manually adding the first 3 octets of the lazy ISP to cPanel > Email > Global Email Filters. I still submit the spam - but that is no longer why I use SpamCop. ~0~
  13. Outernaut

    Disappointed in links

    G'day, I am disappointed in the forum web site here. Today, I had time ti kill and wanted to learn more about SpamCop, even in light of the complaint seen regarding reported ISPs not showing up. Wanting to be in the right place, I went to that said it changed to "How we use SpamCop - Detailed Examples". I thought, wow, just what I need and clicked the "How we..." link and arrived at: I find a number of 404's and wonder if SpamCop is eroding away and that, and in light of @KNERDs comments and the continuing onslaught on the same fake Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Building plans, et alia spam from same source (OVH) and others has me wondering if CISCO (owners of SpamCop? - that's a question) care at all. CISCO, if still owners, should take more pride in SpamCop and put some $'s behind it, support those who worked so hard to being it to where it is, and allow them to make it work again, something Hosts can depend on. Just say'n s'all, ~o~ p.s. Sorry about SECOND duplicate Error image, but unable to delete it.
  14. Outernaut

    OVH.Net spam ?

    Just had to get my 50 bits in (inflation!). I use it, I hate it , but need it because it's how we have to conduct business now days - that is, the "Internet". I wouldn't call it "advance" because it's made human beings personal -stuff- the most sought after commodity on the Internet. It has created a desire; a real need and generates the tools for business and government to Stalk, Monitor, Record and Control people. (SMRC). The Internet is digital Heroin/Crack/Meth combined. The Internet brought hopes of tearing down borders, uniting people of all countries in joint efforts to rid poverty, better sources of food production, and a basic understanding between people (sans government and corporate controls). COVID-19(84) was a great opportunity for countries to rapidly analyze, disseminate, share and attack it globally. Instead, every country built walls around their privatized kingdoms, and always, each accusing the other of using the 'net to interfere and direct the other's state affairs. Google and ilk have reduced the WORLD-WIDE web into local-area classifieds in exchange for our rights to privacy. Facebook, Google. Microsoft ignore our basic humans rights and pimp us out to anyone with the $'s. Your last phrase ..."is highjacked by crazy, money-grubbing, jerkoff spammers." nails it. Almost 2 years after you made that comment, it's only gotten worse. The downside aside, there is some greatness in how medicine, surgery, advancements in science and medicine came about thanks to the Net. But at what costs? And in conclusion, there are circumstances where some have a great need to hide because they did the 'right thing', and Google, and cohorts want to sell that too. Just agree'n s'all ~o~
  15. Outernaut

    spam with no sender source? How is that?

    Just a note to say thanks - it's great having pro's explain things.