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    Three Ways to Report spam

    When you Gurus use acronyms, PLEASE, at least ONCE, use the full the expression. As in Gee, I Hate Acronyms (IHA) and THEN use your acronyms, even if replying to how much IHA. It makes it easier, and faster for us noobs, and we're not aghast at trying to figure out what a baseball league has to do with spam reporting. *BTW - SCBL by lord Google is "Santa Clara Baseball League", and other teams belonging to the league. Thank you ~o~ * No need to go there, I found (finally) the explanation for your SCBL.
  2. These pop up now: Happens with both FireFox and Chrome. 'nuff said about that. ~o~
  3. Outernaut

    SpamCop says it's too old, it's not

    Sorry, but that was gone after I posted the query. Yet reading everyone's response has helped me understand it better. I've no idea how, after email is checked for at minimum, 5 minutes and as for this one, as I've seen with as few others, show up two or three days late. Thanks for the help.
  4. THE QUESTION: Is there a guide that helps one establish the relationship tween SC and the mail servers so any inbound SC-designated spam, is deleted? In another Thread/Post/Topic (depends on your language) 'gnarlymarley - Advanced Member' said: First, I read the 300+ lines of links in the FAQ - but most discuss "Page Not Found - 404" - so I ask here. BACKGROUND: I have 64 domains, each with their so-called "own mail server". I have access via WHM (crippleware)/ cPanel to each domain. FYI: The 'free' (un-huh) "SpamAssassin" was replaced with the costly "Professional spam Filter" by the server hosts. Being the host is a affiliate of "Professional spam Filter", explains why they did it, but doesn't explain where their ethics and morals went. TIA -0-
  5. Outernaut

    How Do I Use SC on MY Mail Server?

    Thanks gnarlymarley. It's great having people like yourself jump in and help us noobs Sorry again for delayed response - - - again to switching out Mother boards. ~o~
  6. Outernaut

    How Do I Use SC on MY Mail Server?

    Thanks @Lking I asked my Host if I am permitted to use Spamcop in some way. Tech support said "Yes". I HAD access to Professional spam filter but a while ago the host raised the rates and replaced "Free" with 'Add-ons Extra' and disabled Pro spam Filter. We just have Apache spam Assassin / spam Filter. I gather I need to buy access to the add-on Pro spam Filter? It's in cPanel, but haven't used it since they disabled it and started charging extra for it. I am just feeling my way around Spamcop, and anti-spam server-side. If I NEED Pro spam Assassin, I have a hard time caving in to extortion by the Host - as I see it. ~o~ BTW - Will there be, or is there any move to getting a payment gateway for adding "fuel" to SpamCop??
  7. Outernaut

    Why am I paying with my time?

    Don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate the job anti-spam companies are doing and glad I can be of help by reporting spam. It doesn't seem reciprocal. ISSUE: As I understand it, every time I report spam to SpamCop (SC), I am helping CISCO/SC. My preferred method of reporting spam is to copy & paste the 'source'. I know there are easier ways, but I get a sense of pleasure feeling I've helped to tighten the noose. I use real email via a client, not public Wmail. (I hate Webmail and their stalkers) After clicking "Submit" I have to wait - and in the start it was 5 seconds. Now it's 18 seconds! I know I can PAY SC to rid the NAG screen and report immediately. How fair is it that I am being nagged to pay SC so others (and CISCO) may benefit from my meager contribution of my time? I see it as I am working for SC. I don't mind volunteering my time to report, but sure as Hades don't appreciate being penalized for it. Why am I penalized with a 18 second (an growing) nag screen? If SC wants help, it's a odd way of treating helpers. O
  8. Outernaut

    Why am I paying with my time?

    Wonderful but I already knew that some people would like SpamCop to use PayPal. Add me to the list, or is the link a subtle survey?
  9. Outernaut

    Why am I paying with my time?

    Thank you everyone for your help. I just tried to contribute to a subscription or whatever it's called but our policy does not permit me to use anything other than a recognized payment gateway. That is something that Spamcop should catch up on and the only option to not giving up credit card info is by ... "check or money-order" which is even more primitive. I am main online buyer for where I work, and I can't remember when the last was that I saw a web site ask for credit card info, that wasn't PayPal, Swipe or Digital Rivers etcetera. When there is a payment gateway - I'll spend some money. Thanks ~0~
  10. Outernaut

    Why am I paying with my time?

    My thanks to everyone with your replies. I am sorry for long delay in responding, but a dead mother board has me scrambling to rebuild with out loosing everything and Windows doesn't like me starting it without me putting on my leash - which took 2 days to convince, It's MY computer :) I've read everything twice. I'm still at a loss as to how I benefit directly except to bypass the "7 minute" nag screen (see image) {Start sidebar}Soon as my ISP gets some semblance of support for me to change my account password - it fainted because I have a new comp and won't let me log in until I contact support which doesn't answer voice or chat. It's a stupid world. To many kiddie-koders being oh so 'kewl' in reading my GPU, CPU, and APU, MACs and not recognizing, it won't let me log in. Dumb donkeys! I wish they'd go back to crayons and coloring book. (had to rant somewhere :) ) {End sidebar} Now that I'm back online, I can contribute to the cause - how ever it works :) Thanks EVERYONE. ~o~ p.s. @petzl Over my dead router!
  11. Outernaut

    Bad Forum link

    There is a read-only FAQ(?) at "http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/14783-what-is-spamcop" and therein is a set of bulleted links near the top: see image below: All links results in... Hmmmm ~o~
  12. Outernaut

    Why am I paying with my time?

    Thanks for that @petzl. The reporting site isn't very clear how it works. But it begs the question: Preamble: I use real Email - not a webpage Wmail GUI. I have several emails hosted by several different mail servers. Each has their own very weak anti-spam - useless in the short run. Most use cPanels " Apache SpamAssassin " and even with the spam Threshold Score set to 2, spams still invades with it's garbage. I copy & paste the spam contents (in Thunderbird it's Tool Bar > View > Message Source) to SpamBot reporting form. The QUESTION: By reporting spam to SC, how does it 1*protect me from more spam? Do mail hosts have to subscribe (free or otherwise) to SC or CISCO mail servers in order to avoid the spam? I just don't understand how CISCO can help block spam I've reported unless mail routs through CISCO mail servers somehow. I certainly don't mind, tho do resent, paying for another level of anti-spam. The nagger says "$15.00 for 2 years". Will that be enough to avoid nag screen? ~ Just another Google♟~ BTW - I love this forum's GUI.
  13. Outernaut

    Why am I paying with my time?

    My reporting spam doesn't affect me except in the very slightest sense. As I see it, when anyone sends a report in, a binary bit-chomper anaylze3s headers, content and when set number (probably in the thousands) sends in the same, it raises a flag. SC sends copies to ABUSE@ wherever, and when THEY get enough, another flag is raised and that bit-chomper takes a serious look at it. Then, and only if there are a large number of same filings, the chomper puts the offender into it's database. Mail servers subscribing to SC receive the offenders IP and another bit-chomper suspends the email users account. It takes more than just one person and SC doesn't take my word for it and block spam coming to me. So my entry is just one of thousands assisting to maintain SCs database so they can sell subscriptions to mail servers who in turn will block the sender IF and only IF there are enough complaints. When I submit, and am told to wait 15 seconds and can get past the delay IF I pay, it's still a smarmy way of treating the volunteering help. Give I get the time, I might auto it to forward. But in reality, it's the Trashnets way of doing business. R.I.P Internet. I see no reason to continue this discussion since you and probably others, think it's OK to nag volunteers into paying to help. Thanks for your opinions petzl, and goodbye O
  14. Outernaut

    Why am I paying with my time?

    Thanks for that. But I did say ..." I know there are easier ways, " and anyway, I can read the reporting page. Try it and you'll see the nag screen. SC wouldn't be in business if people didn't report the spam. Maybe, if we're lucky tobacco companies will follow the CISCO/SC trend and shoot their suppliers too, or politicians their voters, thugs shoot the gun manufactures... yup charging helpers is typical kiddie-kewl Googleism. I don't like to be insulted by CISCO/SC with nag screens prompting me to pay them to help them with their database. I've been feeding SC ONLY 1 maybe 3 spam reports a day for I don't know how long - lost count. But contrary to your point, I will NOT be assimilated because I don't mind helping, but refuse to pay to do so. "auto-acks"???? Eeek! Ack!! Oook! WTH? 'Nuff. Until they loose the nag screen for helping, SC can find their own spam and I'll save time and just delete them. Thanks petzl for reiterating their position, O