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My forte is fighting the rape and pillage of our rights to privacy by government and corporations.  To sum it up:

Dear Web Master. When I visit your house you have every right to follow me around, record where I've been, and for how long, what I did, when I did it, what I used to do it with, and whom I was with. But when I arrive and leave your house, you have no right to frisk me and take anything that tells you where I've been, for how long, and what I did and from what location. Likewise, you have no right to attach a gum-shoe to follow me around reporting where I go, for how long, what I saw, wrote, said and with whom, if anyone and from what location.

That pretty well explains About Me. I fight back. "tracking" is no longer the correct term or what 80% of the web sites do nowadays. The correct terms now is SMRCing (SMRC = Stalk, Monitor, Record and Control - pronounced smirk). SMRC is exactly what Google, Microsoft, and other ilk their kind do on a constant basis. It's no long 'tracking', it's plain and simple 'stalking' by low-life Internet peeps and pervs.

Corporations and government have lied to us since the mouth was invented. I give back what I get from them. If I find a SMRC'er has a survey, I fill it in, with the same example they lead with. I encourage my friends and cohorts to do the same. 

No one asks us if it's OK to SMRC us. We can opt out by taking the long time to find and request we be removed. To do that, in most cases we need to allow a ''cookie' to tell the SMRC'er to take a hike - none must abide by it and most don't. Opting out of any SMRC'ed appears designed by a army sergeant who loves designing obstacle courses.  

In Europe people have the right to be forgotten - to have their SMRC'ed profile deleted. In Canada and the U.S., you have no such right. Why? It makes it easier for governments SMRC'ers to keep tabs on you and who you associate with, and in what location you associate with them the most and the least and much more info and we, the SMRC'ed, pay for it!

In the end, advertisers want to shove ads in your face that they feel would be on interest to you, interests while you are busy reading the news, watching a video on Porn Hub, (but we won't go there) and any time is OK with the SMRCing marketeers. Guess who pays for that? You do. Every time you buy a product or a service, you help pay for the snake-oil type of Internet smarmy advertising. 

In a nutshell. We pay SMRCers to sell our privacy to advertisers who will use your money to tell you that you really must buy this or subscribe to that

I have shares in abridge that are guaranteed to make you poor - interested? At least, I tell you the truth.


p.s. (personal opinion) I know, it's been a while since I signed up here, but U.S. smoke from their burning forests has us locked indoors under COVID lock-down., on a Sunday afternoon. I was bored. I just hope Trump doesn't find a way to bill Canadians for the smoke - but he will, and then blame us for starting the fires. 😅 <-- Smiley doesn't work either.

p.p.s. Just noticed Google trying to dig through my browser and must say "Google - you are not permitted to view my browser history."  You show me your CEO's, and I might show you mine. Till then, pound sand.