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  1. Dear Developers and responsible Administrators of SpamCop, we have a problem with you. Usually we do like AntiSpam Systems, thats why we use since years several machanisms (recpt verify, sender verify, spf, no relay but for authed and own domains, blacklists, ...). But sum Blacklists dont do their job correctly. FIRST; i think you agree that it is important that no IPs should be enlisted where is no evidence. SECOND; you may agree also to the fact that it is not the ISPs job to read the mails of his customers (btw: it is forbidden by law) this gives us: IF someone "reports" spam, before YOU enlist any IPs (and disturbing by this our business by publishing wrong unproven information), its YOUR job - at least - to: - contact or forward the evidence to the postmaster/hostmaster or at least to the abuse contact email enlisted in the ROLE for the network (e.g. RIPE). - coorperate with the postmasters u blaim! Now something from the reality u practice: suddenly we did get aware that our main mailserver was enlisted ( for sumthing u call "trap", what ever YOU understand by that. You did NOT notify us about the enlistment. You did NOT give us any evidence or samples what where when has been done by who. As far as we know there is no spam send by us at any time. If u have other information - notify us AND send us copies of ur "evidence". Just logical, since WE need those to put it down to ONE person whoever was it. However, right now our Statement is that we never sent out any spam. WE DO ONLY relay for OUR domains WE USE for ALL domains SPF WE USE blacklists ONLY AUTHED customers may send mails ALL MAILS are filtered by hourly updating viruswalls ALL MAILS are processed by spamassassin ALL MAILS (incoming and outgoing) are checked for correct and valid envelope-from No Offense, but meanwhile we get really upset since this is a repeating event every year. We expect to be informed and getting all neccessary evidence which helps US (not YOU) to investigate potential spammers. best regards Simon PS: postmaster[at]polynaturedesign.com hostmaster[at]polynaturedesign.com or just abuse[at]polynaturedesign.com if you cant use whois
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    Spamcop does enlist innocents

    well, Registrant: PolyNature Design c/o Simon Lange Neuetorstrasse 17 Lueneburg, NDS 21339 DE Domain Name: POLYNATUREDESIGN.COM Administrative Contact: Lange, Simon hostmaster[at]POLYNATUREDESIGN.COM PolyNature Design c/o Simon Lange Lueneburger Str 15 Voegelsen, NDS 21360 DE +49-4131-220121 fax: +49-4131-52205 Technical Contact: PolyNature Design hostmaster[at]POLYNATUREDESIGN.COM c/o Simon Lange Neuetorstrasse 17 Lueneburg, NDS 21339 DE +49 4131 225660 fax: +49 4131 225661 Record expires on 06-May-2012. Record created on 06-May-1999. Database last updated on 30-Dec-2005 10:37:43 EST. Domain servers in listed order: SRV1.POLYNATUREDESIGN.COM SRV2.POLYNATUREDESIGN.COM should work, at least finding mx server for sending mail and not lookin for a mx for the host srv1 however, i do still expect ur apologies since we never did send any spam and therefore we should NOT be enlisted. sending bounces is comon ISP work and respect to several RFCs. since we DONT bounce to wrong envelopes (we do check them before accepting mails) its not our fault if domain owners dont use SPF... ban them if you want... if the envelopefrom ist existing (user does exist at domain's mta) we do accept the mail for processing with spamassassin. we are NOT allowed in germany to kill any mail - even tagged by spamassassin. its forbidden by law! since the mail is property of the sender and the receiver... i dont make the rules - i just have to live with them Simon
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    Spamcop does enlist innocents

    then tell me which is the RIGHT section... i could not find any "discussion" board for ISPs, complaining about mistakes of SpamCop i DONT have to try understand our spamTRAPS, since they are UR biz and not mine. but nice to see that you dont have any clue of ISP biz and usual human behaviour. you could have at least answered by questions since i got seceral points but u have none. When there is no evidence for spam-traps they are not evidence at all and no IPs shall be enlisted when there is nothing more as this. If u must make a secret of ur evidence our whole concept is wrong. I dont think u do understand how mtas do work and how ISP and lawsuits work. ALL WE can do is to run the mailservers secure. they ARE secure. we CANNOT read customers mails. even spamassassin is a greyzone, but we use it anyway. I DID my homework but spamcop didnt. otherwise they wouldnt had enlist us in the past. seems spamcop need sum pracitce in democracy. everyone is innocent until its proven they are guilty. well, we never saw any evidence, we were never notified, we were never heard before being enlisted... maybe spamcop should work in china and chasing students... Simon