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  1. So how do I fix it each time? I just saw the replies to my question tonight cause it got filtered into the Junk folder so I found it in there and marked it as Not Junk. I'm using MailWasher too, does that report it to SpamCop correctly? I never get the reports back from Spamcop with that e-mail software so I hope it works right!
  2. OK I'm not totally new to SpamCop but I have taken some time off from using it. But I tried to use it again tonight and I copied the headers from the View Source from the e-mail on Outlook's website. I tried it with pasting them on the SpamCop website with the message below it. I get a response from SpamCop that the headers weren't found but I DID post them in the part of the text box on the website so I'm not sure why it's not working now? Can someone please help me out with this ongoing problem? Thanks!