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  1. Thank you for your reply. I had hoped there was an "edit" button somewhere and I just couldn't see it. Oh well I guess when the time comes I will have to go through the rig moral of deleting/adding and confirming
  2. Hi, I am a fairly new user and this is my first post, so please excuse what may appear to be a daft question. --------------------------------------------- My domain addy and ISP addy are regsitered and somehow I have managed to get things working smoothly for the past few months (a techy numpty here). I have been experiencing a lot of problems with my email server lately and I have requested the hosts change me onto a more stable server... My question is this.... I will be moving from examplehost0 to examplehost1 - The only difference is the number on the end... So can I just change the number on the end from a zero to a one or do I have to re-register the new host and delete the old one? Any help would be much appreciated. AJ