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  1. I'm a bit mystified. I have my main address (jedgar[at][my domain]) forwarding to my spamcop account. I then have spamcop forward the good emails to jedgarpop[at][my domain] I pop the emails from this account. I have been getting NO EMAILS today as a result of this. I send from my gmail account and nothing. Nowhere. I have turned off all forwarding, and both jedgar and jedgarpop are working to both send and receive on my server. I find no emails in my spamcop email. I'm lost. Would someone give me a suggestion how to proceed? For now I have turned off the forwarding to spamcop, so I'm getting emails. Which means I'll also be getting all of the spam. I appreciate your time, Jay
  2. Good on ya for the changes to the mailhost system, including adding the live web page to submit the header and body. Here's a suggestion to help those who use a configuration like mine. Since I have my own domain, I forward all email (with the exception of my 'secrete' address) coming to my domain to my spamcop account. Then I have SC forward the email back to the 'secret' address, which is the one I POP to get my emails. I was stumped because I was getting the 'multiple domain' error. I finally had the Mailhost program send the email to my 'secret' address, which didn't get forwarded, but went directly to my inbox. My understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong!) is that as long as I've registered my 'secret' address, the main address I use at the same domain will work properly. I appear to be set now. Thanks! Regards, Jay
  3. I went through the steps to configure my account with the new 'mailhost' option on the site. (I just tripped upon it - should I have been notified somehow?) I configured my accounts in the way that it asked, by entering my email addresses on the site, then both sending the original email as an attachment, and copying the body into a new email and sending to the response address. Perhaps that was my (first) mistake. I got back the following message: Is the problem that I'm using Outlook 97, that I'm a dork, or that I'm missing something? Thanks in advance, Jay
  4. JayEdgar

    I reported myself?

    Wow. My post has led to so much activity and effort on others' parts! OK, so I reported my own address somehow. Could that have happened using the 'quick report and immediately trash' option on the held email page? To be honest, I spend plenty of time reporting the email that gets through to my inbox (which is rather painful with Outlook...); I have little interest in going through each submittal manually and ensuring my IP isn't in there. Perhaps that makes me a bad little spamcopper. I do my best to be conscientious, but I have to get enough hours in at work so I can pay my mortgage. Am I to understand that what Ellen did takes care of this concern? Deep thanks to everyone who's been so helpful. You all are great. Jay
  5. JayEdgar

    I reported myself?

    Those are both great explanations, and thanks to the both of you. The piece I'm still stuck on is that axxs.net isn't my ISP, OLM is. Unless axxs.net is another domain with them or something. I think I have enough to dig into now. Apparently someone has been pretty successfully spoofing my email address or something, as I'm getting a lot of failure emails bouncing back to me of the same type. Any suggestions as to what to do about that? Thanks again. Help is much appreciated. Jay
  6. JayEdgar

    I reported myself?

    Wazoo and Steve: Thanks for your responses. I think I'm beginning to understand, but I'm not there yet. Are you saying that the line you pointed out: indicates my server, and that's what I reported? If so, how did the email originate from me? I have up to date virus software and use adaware, spybot and spyware guard, so I don't think I've been infected and sent out emails. Please have a bit more patience with me and lead me by the hand with this. Thanks much, Jay
  7. JayEdgar

    I reported myself?

    I got the following message in an email today (with my domain cleaned out): I'm pretty sure I remember reporting this spam, but I certainly didn't create the spam itself. Am I confused? Are they? Is there an error in how I reported it to spamcop? Did spamcop make a mistake? What do I do next? I'm confused by this, and don't really know how to figure it out. I figured some of you smart folks could direct me. Thanks. Jay