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  1. I've checked all the mail host addresses in my mail host list and the mail host receiving spam IS listed there, but I still get "Possible Forgery will not trust..." on spam emails. I don't understand why this is happening. I've read all the posts and FAQ pages, and admittedly, I am rather limited in my knowledge of this technology, but I get so many spam emails that I felt it was necessary for me to contribute to the fight against it. However, I'm afraid more of the spam I receive is labeled "possible forgery" than not, and I am hestiant about reporting to the abuse addresses I find myself because I don't want my [work] email address to be inadvertently added to someone's spam list, and I don't want spam reported to my work IP, because the spam didn't originate there. I didn't add any pasted information to this post as I'm not sure what to add. Can someone direct me?