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  1. LouMessina

    Gmail Invitations

    Absolutely amazing! I can only interpret your bizarre use of English to express some disjointed complaint that "anyone" is improperly used because of a later reference to having a cell phone. Moderator Edit: link to an off-site 'smilie' was removed
  2. LouMessina

    Gmail Invitations

    The thread was full of posts of people requesting invitations. There was no posted message about the fact that accounts are open. Perhaps if you read the entire post, you might have picked this up: I was trying to enlighten everyone to an option that does not appear in the thread. If someone from outside North America tried getting anyone they know in North America to get the verificatiion code for them, I believe that would work. I assume the North America limitation refers to the cell phone number since people globally have Google Gmail accounts. If it didn't work, to someone who has no access to invitations, it's a viable suggestion. Nonetheless, I feel the information of how to get an account, independent of anyone else's assistance, is applicable to most people in this forum.
  3. When registering for SpamCop, I recall very emphatic instructions about not altering spam except to munge your email address. I use Outlook, and submit spam using both SpamCop's website (Outlook workaround form) and via email. When spam with a graphic message is submitted by either method, the return message is "SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email." However, I just encountered a method that appears to work. I entered the headers as usual at the website, and obtained the HTML codes for the body from Outlook. I entered that at the SpamCop website, and it worked. However, I assume SpamCop is not accessing any information or URLs in the graphic message. More important is the fact that the spam is getting reported, which was my primary concern. Not having had the experience where spam with graphics were reported, but dismissed as being unable to report, my fault lied in jumping the gun and I interpreted the initial message as addressing what I had experienced. However, although Jeff suggested OCR parsing, it was obviously for the purpose of accessing messages in the graphics to better report spam. I found the thread amply loaded with attacks on the suggestion, but woefully lacking in any alternate suggestions to address the same problem.
  4. I never referred to the reporting of spamvertised URLs. I was addressing the issue of getting the spam reported at all. spam I've submitted with messages on graphics were rejected as having no body to the spam. I also never referred to any OCR idea. How this matter is handled is best addressed by more technical people. I don't care if they decide to use OCR or any other option. I see the primary mission of any anti-spam program or website to be diminishing spam. If your position is that SpamCop's objective is not to diminish spam, but just to identify the source IP addresses of those mail servers that forward spam, what do you think the plan called for after the source IP address was ascertained? Do you think it might have been to use that information to diminish spam?
  5. LouMessina

    Gmail Invitations

    GOOGLE GMAIL ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN OPEN TO ANYONE FOR ABOUT TWO MONTHS! Go to the Create A Google Account - Gmail page. You must have a cell phone. It does not have to be yours because the number is not used again by Google. The instructions are pretty simple from there. Just request an authorization code be text-messaged to your phone. It arrives. You're in. Anyone with a Google Gmail account can also send anyone an invitation. They're pretty generous with them also. My friend currently has 98 to offer. Everytime he sends one out, they seem to give him a few to replace it. :google:
  6. I think Jeff has a point. About 10%-20% of the spam I am receiving is now messages on graphics. You can't even tell they're graphics until you try to cut-and-paste them. I don't think this is a new desktop publishing concept. It obviously was cleverly conceived to cripple SpamCop, and any other similar anti-spam sites. None of the message gets picked up, but gibberish is typed in under the graphic, and I am now seeing the recipient's email address included with the gibberish in the hope the recipient ends up reporting himself. The critical issue is to keep with the original mission of SpamCop, and try to figure out how to address this problem. If it is immediately dismissed as I see in this thread, SpamCop will only be able to handle a diminishing number spam complaints as this practice increases and new tactics develop. To be effective, you have to focus on the problem, not on the difficulties encountered in addressing the problem.