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    False Positives

    Thank you for your comments. I can assure you, I am not someone blowing off steam. It is true that I do not know all the details of how spamcop works. I do not need to know. I just know it is blocking email that should go through. Again, spamcop can blame the end users, or take the responsibiltity to do what is right and find a way to stop spam while correcting the false positives it is generating. You can not place the responsibility on the average end user. They just want the spam to stop, but eventually they will decide that the complaints from their customers are far more serious and then they will have a decision to make. Here is the latest complaint we received just a few hours ago. I kept the domains in the message, but hide the users personal email addresses. [We do not need any spammers to get their addresses.] ---------- > <known_user[at]libertytravel.com>: > does not like recipient. > Remote host said: 550 Rule imposed as known_user[at]zeffertandgold.com is > blacklisted on SpamCop (see www.spamcop.net) > Giving up on > > --- Below this line is a copy of the message. > > Return-Path: <known_user[at]zeffertandgold.com> > Received: from mx31.bcrtfl01.us.mxservers.net ( > by mail01h.rapidsite.net (RS ver 1.0.95vs) with SMTP id 1-0648314771 > for <known_user[at]libertytravel.com>; Thu, 19 Jan 2006 10:33:01 -0500 (EST) > Received: from www.zeffertandgold.com [] (EHLO > zeffert89c6vkl) > by mx31.bcrtfl01.us.mxservers.net (mxl_mta-1.3.8-10p4) with ESMTP id > 813afc34.25596.379.mx31.bcrtfl01.us.mxservers.net; > Thu, 19 Jan 2006 09:32:56 -0500 (EST) ---------- Ok, your going to find that their email server appears on the blacklist. That information to my clients is useless. Yes, I understand that they will be removed from the blacklist within 24 hours of the last reported spam. The fact remains, they did not send spam and they should not be on the blacklist. You are also going to say, they are on a share hosting server. Yes they are. So is about 90% of all small and medium size businesses. You are also going to say they didn't send the spam but someone else on their shared hosting sent it. But...why is the innocent being penalized? Again, not blowing off more steam, just relating my experience with spamcop.
  2. epodowski

    False Positives

    I will most likely get flamed for this, that is if it is ever posted. Spamcop may be preventing the bulk of the spam from getting to their end users, but is it also preventing email from getting through for legitimate users. I have been receiving phone calls from my clients, clients who have been with me for 5 - 10 years about their email being rejected due to spamcop. Clients who depend on us and are asking for a resolution. We do not host spammers. We have never hosted a spammer in 10 years of business. We only host our clients who we can reach out and touch. Our innocent clients are being hurt by spamcop. And there seems to be no resolution. Sure you can justify anything. You can argue any side you want. You can even pass the buck to the end user. Yes it is their responsibility. The bottom line is your spamcop system is broken and needs to be fixed. There are way too many false positives. You are severely hurting legitimate businesses. Businesses who depend on their email communications going through. Spamcop is hurting the Internet more than it is helping at this point. I said this calmy! I am appealing to the end user. I am very technical. I can provide proof of the false positives. I have done the research. The Internet is not forgiving. It is only a matter of time until spamcop becomes known as a hindrance. The one thing I have learned about the Internet - action is swift. You need to fix your broken system, before the Internet rejects spamcop. I am a very concerned and responsible Internet user.