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  1. I also had the problem of links not being resolved at all, refreshing doesn't help. It's not that the domain translation fails, simply nothing happens at all: Example of no resolving The example shows this happening with geocities.com, but I also had this problem with other domains. Edit: 2006/02/24 18:30 EST -0500 Jeff G. changed the Tracking URL to one usable by all.
  2. I sometimes come across this when reporting spam: Resolving link obfuscation http://sell.brightfutureoem.com/ And that's all. Normally either an IP should be found or an error is shown that it couldn't be resolved. But sometimes nothing happens. I checked and the URL could be resolved, so that can't be the problem.
  3. Yes, I know and that's what I do currently. But it's not that I don't feel right about them, nor do I feel right for them, I don't know who they are. So if this company to me has legitimate use for those spam mails they can get all the reports they want as I surely don't begrudge spamcop earning some money to pay the bills. On the contrary I want to help. I'd just like to know who they are and what they intend to do with the reports. Call me leery, but that's how it is...
  4. I just discovered that gzidc.com was added as an interested 3rd-party to receive information about asian hosted spamvertized sites. Their site looks like they're a webhoster and all I found about them in the list-archive is that seemingly they once also hosted spamvertized sites and were said to be "unresponsive". Why do they want a copy of the reports? Though probably spamcop admins will have checked them to be legit, I don't like the idea of sending some chinese webhoster (sorry, but the many spamhosts there give the whole chinese IT a bad name to me) gets information like spamvertized URLs as we all know that quite often the spammers encode the recipients address in the URL. So any informations about this company and what they intend to do with the info collected would be welcomed. Greets, Florian