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    Open Relay Honeypot

    Yes, i read it, but from 2004 i think the spammer strategy had change, and also the jackpot honeypot website is not working. On the other hand, i tried to connect to undernet on big channels, hoping to be scaned, but the results was disapointment. My machine was scanned on port 25 after 30 minutes.
  2. glpetre

    Open Relay Honeypot

    Hello! A weak ago i deploied an open relay honeypot. The machine is running a qmail server that seems to be open, accept the messages but never delivers the messages to the destination. The problem is that in 1 weak i was scanned by about 200 ip's but just 3 tried to deliver test messages. My questions are: 1. How can i make spammers scan me(a kind of "advertising" )? 2. Why so many scanned me but so few really tried to send spam? Thanks in advice! P.S.: I know that today there are very few open relays, but 200 ip's that scaned me make me think that there are still a lot of spammers that search for an open relay.