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  1. I'm running a mail server on Ubuntu with a pretty stock spamassassin installation. I usually report any spam that gets through to spamcop. One pattern I've noticed is that many (although certainly not all) spams that get through show up in spamcop as listed in cbl.abuseat.org, even only minutes after arrival. I've grepped through the SA configs, and they include zen.spamhaus.org. A comment above this entry says it includes the abuseat.org CBL... a fact supported by their respective websites. Why, then, would I find it regularly missing these messages (which according to the X-spam-Status headers, were not positively matched in Zen)?
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    Gmail's server blocked

    Just because my life involves more than reading spamcop boards all day doesn't mean I don't have "high tech" skills. But thanks for the cheap shot anyway. Regardless, I have now read through this thread, and thanks to the mod for merging my hasty post for me. Taking the size and popularity of Gmail these days, I was not expecting the topic to be so old and still unaddressed by Google. I was wrong. I now fully understand the situation, and I would like to at least partially retract my initial statements. I appreciate the problem GMail is presenting. It's simply frustrating on a human level having to decide between a high quality DNSBL, and a large popular ISP.
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    Gmail's server blocked

    Ok, apparently I missed this thread when I posted originally, my mistake. Putting in my two cents, I think its rediculous to be blocking gmail because of abuse by a few users. That's like blocking Sprint because a few Sprint users spam. I don't think any server admin will willingly block all GMail users using the spamcop list ( I know I wont), so the argument that it's improving the service by blocking spammers is wrong...it's hurting the service by making it unusable.