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    Link obfuscation flaw?

    Then what about using URL scanners to detect HTTP redirects? (i.e. URLscan) I also want to mention the process of different IP addresses sending the same constructed spam is "Snowshoe spam." To my understanding, some servers do use link obfuscation to detect the "head" of the spammer -- but not the spammer directly. ("All roads lead to...") But if spamcop is not serious on the links, then my next question of concern is: can spamcop even deal with "snowshoe" spam?
  2. jprogram

    Multiple spam redirecting to TopOnlineBargins

    Thanks for finding me the right term. I had two different kinds of snowshoe spam, now it's just one. One is the affiliate marketing spammers (phishing) for Top Online Bargins, and the other is a random hostname redirecting to another random hostname but with a same-styled Symfony webpage. I wonder what would be the best attack to report snowshoe spams without "talking to walls."
  3. I've been getting the same kind of spam for months now. All have something to do with an e-commerce site "Top Online Bargins." Each spam comes from a different website name which all redirects to different listings from toponlinebargins.com . I don't believe they are all associated by Top Online Bargins at all. After some research with URLSCAN, those redirecting websites have the same IP address under Mivocloud. But, here's the strange part: within 24 hours after I received the spam, the redirecting website switched to a single IP address from Psychz. By the way, all the e-mail servers that send the same spam are at completely random server providers. Therefore, I do not know how Spamcop would handle this. Anyone else getting this kind of spam?
  4. jprogram

    Link obfuscation flaw?

    I suppose I could, on my own, e-mail some of the web networks linked on the messages.
  5. I noticed if a spam message has more than eight links the obfuscation process is skipped. But it is skipping important links to scan that could lead to the spammer. For instance, any links using the same domain name as the e-mail's domain name should be scanned regardless. I'm hoping the link obfuscation doesn't get fooled by redirecting sites. I am believing the spam that I'm getting are deliberately flooding with links to bypass the obfuscation.
  6. Forgive a newbie for posting this, but after navigating a forum full of broken links and jargon, I needed to know a little more about Mailhost. I've gotten Mailhost setup to my e-mail by copy+paste the configuration e-mail with the headers onto Spamcop. I originally tried to forward the e-mail configuation but it was unsuccessful. So, my question is: what to do next? Is there anything different I need to know about once I got Mailhost set up? Anything I should be looking for?