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    ColdFusion - MySQL - Database structure

    Hi there, well glad I am on the right track because ALTER and DESCRIBE are the commands I figured I should use. Unfornately I can't figure out how to get ColdFusion to display the information. <cfquery name="qryBio" datasource="#DbSource#" username="#dbUser#" password="#dbPass#"> DESCRIBE tblbio; </cfquery> <cfoutput> #qryBio# </cfoutput> I have no idea what to attach to #qryBio# to make it display the information. If anybody is a CF expert I'd greatly appreciate some input. Thanks! -Meaty
  2. themeaty

    ColdFusion - MySQL - Database structure

    Hi Thanks for your reply. Well, the objective is to keep the entire text in one field. *blah* I just figured out the db is actually MySQL and the page is written in CF. Is there a query statement that will return what type the db field is? I would like to know what the current field type is. And is there a query statement that will change the field type? I'm learning all this query stuff and any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi, my client stores his biography in a SQL database and has reached an apparent limit on text (I'm thinking somewhere around 64,000 or 65,000 characters). The text is truncated each time he goes to save additional text to his biography. Is it possible to increase the capacity? And how I might go about doing this? Thanks! -Meaty