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  1. Awesome, Thank you Derek.
  2. I am not sure what to do at this point. We have currently dropped off of the "waiting list" but if we can't figure out the mails info that put us on this list there is no way to stop it from continuing to happen. Anyway I can do that (I have already emailed the client but not sure when he will get back to me)?
  3. Like you said most of the time looking around was spent on the SpamCop website. I did scan through some of the FAQ's listed in your forums but I didn't take enough time to realize it was better laid out then the FAQ's listed on the main page. I think this is a simple case of "text lacks tone". When I first read your post it seemed IMO at the time your "tone" was condenscending, which is why I responded the way I did. The "I looked all over and couldn't find it" remark probably could have been better stated. -------------------- We do not personally own the server but we do not share it with The Planet. We pay a monthly fee for them to provide a dedicated server on their network. They give us a certain number of dedicated IP addresses with each server that is strictly used for our business and not shared with The Planet or any of their other clients. We sell Shared and also Reseller hosting. That specific server hosts our reselling clients which is why the host name is myhostserver.com. It provides them with a little more anonymity when there clients go looking around to see if they are hosted on a shared server or if they "own" the server they are on.
  4. I apologize for not leaving my IP address. That is one piece of information that I thought I originally posted but obviously I left it out. The IP address in question is I was on your site for almost a hour before I posted this information. The first place I looked was on the Blocking List page under the More information for report recipients and I didn't see the link to sign up for (probably because I was looking for a way to gather specific information about the violations). I also clicked on the login tab where I thought I would find a link to register a new account but unless again I overlooked/misread something on that page there is no link to sign up. Truthfully if you want my opinion (I am not sure if the last sentence was meant to be a insult or you were sincerely asking for it) your website (along with the forums) has tons of information about your services which is great but I think you have too much listed for someone to read over ALL of it and not miss one important piece of the puzzle. I have admitted it was my fault and even apologized before I was done posting if I missed something I needed but yet I still get what I feel is a condescending remark (again I could be mistaken... it is almost 1:00AM here) from an employee (even if you are just a volunteer) of a company that I am a "client" of. I realize you probably deal with these questions all day long and the answer is staring them right in the face but it is still not a way to answer to someone who is asking a question.
  5. One of my clients (I host websites on 4 different servers) has informed me the server he uses for mail is on the SpamCop black list. I noticed that it said this server has been listed 6 times in the last 127 days and I have only known about three. My other three mail servers haven't been listed on SpamCop. I would like to get information not only on this instance of why we were added but also on the other instances so I can research and see if it is the same user is causing all of the problems (it wasn't the same user the first two times I checked into it). I would also like to know if there is some sort of service I can sign up for to be notified when someone (either one of your spam traps or a live person) has reported spam being sent from our server so I can investigate it and kill the problem before it gets to the point where massive amounts of spam is sent out and also my server gets listed on your black list. I think the service you provide is awesome and I want to try and help any way I can. I apologize if I missed something and shouldn't have posted this question but I looked around and didn't see where I could pull the above info about the spam Lists or any info on joining a "notification" list. Any help is greatly appreciated.