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    Gmail's server blocked

    This was found on Gmail's site just now so I am guessing this is a standoff and will not be revisited by them: --------------cut here---------------------------------------------------------------------- Some organizations, like SpamCop and SORBS, keep track of email spam so email providers/ISPs can use it to prevent spam from being delivered to their users. Occasionally, Gmail is listed on SpamCop because we do not reveal the IP address of our users. We don't reveal IP addresses as part of our ongoing effort to protect every user's privacy. Unfortunately, this can cause delivery problems for Gmail messages because some email providers/ISPs reject all messages sent from services listed on SpamCop and SORBS. Neither SpamCop nor SORBS intend for their lists to block all Gmail messages. In fact, both organizations recommend that their lists are not used as 'stand-alone signals' in blocking spam, but unfortunately, this recommendation is sometimes ignored. As a result, some messages sent from Gmail might be delayed, or even bounced back (in which case you would receive a failed delivery notification). We take every measure to make sure that all valid messages are delivered, and we're working hard to keep delivery problems to a minimum. While we continue to address this problem, we ask that Gmail users experiencing delivery delays or Gmail users whose messages are bouncing back to their accounts, to please inform the recipient's mail provider about the issue. --------------cut here----------------------------------------------------------------------