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    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    I've filed a SpamCop report for each instance. After a few dozen repeats from them this weekI am wondering if they might have found bulletproof hosts.
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    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    I probably should have posted something about Spamazon in the July/August timeframe after a mistake I made when preparing to send a report. I fat fingered the mouse and an empty message went to Spamazon (ec2-abuse@amazon.com). The bane of my existence at that time was Parsec Cloud (and still is - keep reading - I get *very* little spam from any other sources) as at times I was receiving their garbage every other hour on weekends (all weekend). I received the standard response as an initial response almost immediately after I accidentally clicked [send]: blah-blah-blah "We've determined that an Amazon EC2 instance was running at the IP address you provided" yadda-yadda Obviously an empty message supplied no data so I decided to experiment and just sent "ABCD" in the body and got the same response. That's when I knew they didn't care IOR didn''t test IOR there was no way to communicate via this mechanism. But I persisted in my reports so that if they were to ever to claim to give a shred of a care I could demonstrate I'd been doing my part and the fault didn't lie with me not making reports. I'm not sure what changed but around the end of January I stopped receiving Parsec Cloud spam via Spamazon. They've now been sending (according to SC) from the following domains: AlphaInfoNet.com GyaneshWarComputer.com MukeshTech.com to the combined tune of 18 hits in less than the previous 40 hours (the day is young). WHOIS on the latter two indicate essentially the same name servers & considering they are now spammish domains means they & the name servers don't pass the sniff test. Cheers. p