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  1. well... Round 2. my server is back on the list. pretty calm, but fustrated. As it stands, right now, I have know idea what to do first? the tech guy at my provider has left for the day... he will be back in on monday. i'm back at the needle in hay stack situation. anyway... if anyone has another thoughts to help... WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE. i will go through the emails and re-read them... see if I can't figure something out. thanks -------- about this thread and my IP adddress. 1) I didn't have a lot of choices -- I wanted help and the only way to get it sooner than later was to list my ip address. 2) taking my IP address off -- editting and removing the ip --- will not change anything about this thread. the thread will read fine and educte other readers just fine without it being there. 3) why take it off? if I was a bad guy / spammer and wanted to find servers that have "problems"... i would come here to find Ip addresses. why scan for I P s... just browse the threads here?
  2. hello well last week was not very fun. bad news... well, there is none good news: my server is running better. I learned about "netstat" and how to spot things on my server my server is off the spam cop list I'm making my server "more secure" --- a little pain, but ouce of prevention goes 1000s of mile :) What I think can help others like me... is a "simple" / "easy" FAQ that is straight to the point. One that looks like this: Question: Is your server listed on a spam Cop List? Yes, continue reading -- Not sure, check it here. Question: Why is my server on the spam cop list? Answer: Because your server has been sending out spam... with or with out your knowledge. Question: How can that be? Answer: Because spammers are smart and do things you don't think they can do. Question: Are you sure? Answer: YES! ---- you are not the first person to think we are making it up. BUT here is what you can do to: a) find the spammers/reason for spammers/how to track down the source of spam, etc. etc. etc. [ just list out things that are common ] === many of the things I learned last week. once you find the source or reason --- stop it ! Make sure it doesn't happen again. c) if you have prevented the spammers from using your server... DO THIS CLICK HERE Question: I don't own or manage the server. What do I Do? Answer: Find the owner or manager of the server and tell them to look at this page. We will not take the server off the list until it has been dealth with. Your server has been sending out spam and we (and EVERY ONE ELSE in the world) don't want any more spam. thanks Larry PS. I can't edit the above message that list my server IP... can someone take it off? thanks PSS. forgot to mention... above I said "simple and easy".... the spamcop site is FULL of page, links and info... almost too much, its to overwhelming to find things... ESPECIALLY when your server just got put on the list and your freaking out and can't call anyone and your clients are calling, saying "I can't send out email"... when will it be fixed. AND all you can say to any question is: "I Don't know"
  3. arggggggg... i'm not one to sit down and wait... BUT in this case, I guess I've been "defeated". my head hurts trying to figure out things --alabanza is no help till tomorrow. --spam cop deputies... I'm guesssing have a long que and i'm not at the top of the list -- clients complaining that emails are being blocked -- from 1 to 10... 1 is knowing of the problem and 10 is problem solved.... I'm at 1.5 and spent all day doing it but hey... look at the bright side... tomorrow isn't today thanks to all (especially the person who explained "WHY" the report was emailed to the owner of the server IP --- that makes since.) last question: with all this technology... you would think its easier. So why does so much technology make things harder? uhm... i think the answer is this: when things go right --- ITS great. when things go bad --- its horrible. the more technology, the greater the "good" or the "bad"
  4. THanks.... I'm just very fustrated that I can't fix my problem. Don't mean to take it out you, users of spamcop, etc. I know you are just trying to help. And I'm getting there (i think)... its just that I've been dealing with this for several hours and I have not solved much? FROM JEFF... Submitted: Monday 2006/02/13 05:47:17 -0500: Website Visitor Request: 1656717959 ( ) To: spamcop[at]imaphost.com 1656717923 ( ) To: abuse[at]alabanza.com where did this come from? Is this part of a report? The email subject "Website Visitor Request: "... if i saw the rest of the report or header or anything... I might be able to solve my problem. But from what I know... that report was emailed to my hosting provider... why can't it be email to me? It seems like I can do more with that report than the hosting provider... That is what I don't understand. I'm actively trying to solve the server problem. FYI: I did send email to deputies also, I talked with my hostingn support some more... I know the spam with out between 8-12pm last night. it does appear that the "www" was the user, meaning a web page was used. if I only knew which domain (s)... I could practically solve the problme in minutes. thanks
  5. thanks... 1) some reports went to alabanza -- I will not see those -- they are too busy for my small problems??????? I sent email and called... there is nothing else I can do. Can you please email them to me? 2) for sending email to deputies[at]spamcop.net, what do I say? 3) I'm going through my server domains/websites and adding code to prevent "php email spam" === I think it was called "emai injection" but I have 70 sites... not all of them have email forms. not all are the problem... but I wish I knew were to look first?!?!!? 4) php question: ALL OF MY php email forms hard code the "to email address". Some have an email address that people enter. NONE (I think) allow a person to enter email address and send to the entered email address. question: with the above said: I assume the "email injection" problem allows hackers to add code to the body or a field that allows the email to be sent out elsewhere. BUT can it over ride my hard coded email adress??????? shouldn't I have an email account getting a ton of spam ALONG with all the emails going out? I'm trying VERY hard to fix this problem, but a) can't get any real information I'm waitingn on other people to supply me with information c) i'm trying to figure out the problem. I can't be the first person this has happen too... isn't there a "SIMPLE" and EASY step by step websit to follow to fix this or solve my issues... I'm assuming this type of spam happens all the time???? Why is it so hard to get info to fix or solve it? OR am I not looking in the right places? thanks again.... at least I'm getting some place or closer to the solution here.... -Larry PS> I would preferr not to wait till it happens again?
  6. okay... now we are getting some place... yes, i have php forms that allow people to send (email) the form information. The subject title looks like one of the form email subjects. What IP or domain is it coming from? Can I see the reports? Any thoughts on what needs to be protected/secured on the php code? I had thought its typical stuff? code like mail("emailaddress", "subject", "body"); So I guess someone found a way to automate the submitting of that form and to somehow overide the "TO EMAIL ADDRESS"??? thanks
  7. not sure if this helps or not, on one of my websites (a messag board) I got some spam post last night with these IP addresses:
  8. is my server I've created a ISP account --- and signed up to be monitored... I guess the daily emails will tell me if I get on a list in the future? Although I will problably figure it out BEFORE the email comes THANKS for you help.... I saw the reports, etc. someone on the site... It appears my thoughts were correct. The spammer did it last night... as the dailly magnitued/monthly magnitued are 2.6 ?? Will you be able to tell me what IP address the spammer used? What program, etc. he was using? Or how he did it? I have about 70 sites on the server.. so hard to figure it out on my on. THANKS AGAIN!!!
  9. hello, I'm not sure where to start, but I'm sure someone at SpamCop can help me figure out who got my server blocked, why, how, etc. etc. Last night, my server "send mail" process went through the roof!!! I'm assuming someone hacked my server or somehow was able to send out spam via my server. My hosting clients are few and I know them personally.... so I doubt it was any of them. My hosting support needs email header info... to try to find the cause. I personally, cant' do things myself (as I don't know linux)... so I'm relying on everyone else anyway... 1) Is there a way that spam cop could let me know any information that caused my server to be listed on spam cop? 2) what do I do to get off the list? 3) how can I prevent or what can I do to be proactive to not let any one send spam on my server Thanks for you help!!! I read that "after I find the problem/rid my server the reason or thing that sent out the spam" I can submit to have my server taken off the Spamcop list? is this correct? Thanks Larry