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  1. Thanks for your reply and thanks to the deputy who replied to my earlier email. We found the answer: someone out there in the world apparently didn't like an answer they got from our customer service department and put their email address in at least one Yahoo group. A spammer sent an email with a forged "From" address to this group, a server in our customer service department POP3'd the message from my server, and in the interest of better customer service, auto-replied. Unfortunately this auto-reply ended up in the spam trap. NONE of this was spam-related OTHER than the spam that we received and (incorrectly I admit) auto-replied to.
  2. I wouldn't call 7 posts to ABUSE since 8/2003 a very damning history. I have written to the deputies but they have not replied - I was hoping someone from spamcop might be monitoring this forum and could help me out. If someone in my organization is spamming in violation of our policies, I need to know who it is and stop it - isn't that the point of spamcop?? If it is an NDR or virus or God knows what, I'd like to get to the bottom of that as well. As for innocence, in one of spamcop's own FAQs there is the statement "If the blocklist only lists spamtraps, then the likely culprits are auto-responders or misdirected bounces..." Auto-responders and NDRs are not wise, but they are not spam - they are victims of spammers with spoofed reply-to addresses.
  3. Our server keeps getting blocked due to email sent to spam traps. I am the administrator of this server, and this server does not spam, it does not allow relaying from anywhere outside our domain, send NDRs, or auto-reply to the internet. I do not have a virus. I am at my wit's end trying to find out what is causing this to be blacklisted by your service (and ONLY your service) 5 times in the past week. If I knew ANYTHING about the email that your spam trap caught I might be able to find the sender. Was it an NDR? Who sent it? What is the subject line? Please reply ASAP to help me find the cause of this problem.