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  1. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. My mails are frequently blocked and hence my mailserver listed as spammer, only because I'm using languages with letters other than ASCII 128 (as I see as the reason). I do not find it fair. And I'm not amused at all. Aren't the spam filter programs using any language identification at all? Enclosed a snippet of the last blockade. Language used is finnish. The subject contains two letters ä (= a with two dots), and poof! I mean, do I read it right? Anyway, my answer with the same subject bounced. ----- Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 13:35:50 +0100 Message-Id: <200602251235.k1PCZoLp028867[at]www.ottoauto.de> To: webmaster[at]ottoauto.de Subject: Palautelomake kävijältä From: markku isoniemi <markku.isoniemi[at]t-online.de> X-purgate-ID: 149285::060225133551-592F4000-7CB75C3F Delivered-To: webmaster[at]ottoauto.de X-VISP-spam-Score: 4.7 (++++) X-VISP-spam-Report: This message has been scanned on "daiquiri.visp.de" to identify if it is considered spam or not. Contact the support hotline for details. Content analysis details: (4.7 points, 5.0 required) pts rule name description ---- ---------------------- -------------------------------------------------- 3.4 SUBJ_ILLEGAL_CHARS Subject: has too many raw illegal characters 1.3 RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET RBL: Received via a relay in bl.spamcop.net [blocked - see <http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?>] X-VISP-spam-Max-Score: +++++