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    EDIT Ok im totally freaked out at the moment. Panda Online Scan has detected over 20 viruses which Trend ( updated upto today ) never did. How can this happen? Surely this is the source of my problem??? Thank you for your response. There are a lot of things to be done, judging by your post. I will download the newest version of Merak to get things started, and just as a measure use an online antivirus check to verify that we dont have any viruses on our server. Now onto your post. What is challenge/response? Where can i identify this setting under Merak? I didnt think it pertinent. We have a firewall im place as well and is functional. Here is some suspicious log file evidence and
  2. Cale

    IP blocked

    About 5 days ago I started getting emails from my clients saying that their email is blocked because of Spamcop. I have been running the same configuration on my email server for at least 2 years without a problem, however now im getting endless problems. This is what the report says I have TrendMicro enterprise running and it seems to be clear for my server and whole network. There arent any viruses on at all. We got delisted today, but after a few hours got listed again. Here is a response from Ellen at Spamcop. If i have a insecure cgi or and smtp/auth issue, how do I fix it? also Is it possible that I have a DNS problem as stated in the original report? Thanks in advance...