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    hosting server blocked question

    the IP address is but it is shared but many domains from hostgator.com. the is no longer listed in spamcop, but i still cannot send emails to for example microsoft.com and netvision.net.il how can i fix that?
  2. Hi, I have a multiple domain account (hosting reseller account). all the domains share the same IP address and I see this website is black-listed now. I read on this website that : "Why Am I Blocked? Probable Causes If your email has suddenly been blocked by the SpamCop blocklist, it is probably because you share an IP address with other email users and there is someone who..........." does this mean that if my domain shares the same IP address with 500 more domains than if one of the domains on that computer does something that spamcop.net doesn't like than all those domains are black-listed?? spamcop.net blocks IP address and does not relate to specific domains from these IP address's?? If this is the case than it is ver problematic. My domain is hosted with 100's of more domains on the same IP address...... Why am I to blame on some other domain spam activities?