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    Problems with reluctant mail server admin

    I don't really see how blocking mail from IPs that can't reverse resolve prevent spam delivery from zombied hosts - most (if not all) dynamic IP ranges I have encountered have reverse lookups from their owners. It resolves to something like xx-xx-xx.pop.dsl.provider.com, but it will resolve. If you don't want zombies to deliver mail then you need to block dynamic ip ranges, in which case my server which is on a static IP would be allowed in. At the moment relaying through the ISP's mail host is not an option as I'm not using an ISP - the server is co-located on a private server farm that leases bandwidth from several ISPs: I'm not sure which ISP's mail relay to use, whether it will always work or even if it will work at all as the IP range where the server is located isn't really owned by an ISP. I already asked the server farm administrator to set up PTR records for my server, but he says that it will take a couple of week at the least (or a couple of month on the outside) because RIPE (the IP registrar) needs to set it up on their side first.
  2. Hi people. First time I'm posting at spamcop forums. I have an issue where I'm trying to send email to another mail server which blocks me because I don't have a reverse DNS lookup for my server's IP (not that its wrong or anyhing - simply there is no DNS configured for reverse lookups on that IP block. I can't even do anything about it, because I'm co-located and have no control over this). I've contacted the mail administrator for that domain, and I'm trying to convince him that that behavior is broken and should be fixed, but I'm having little luck getting to him - he keeps waving at "an RFC that's out there" that supposedly dictate that this is valid but refuses to point out exact details. My questions: *) Is it ok to block mail from IP addresses that cannot be reverse resolved (in my case the name in the EHLO command is valid and resolved, but the IP that it resolves to then fails to reverse resolve) ? *) If its not - can someone point me at the standard that says that it cannot, as I've read several dozens RFC in the last few days and none mention that. *) If it is indeed a valid situation and the mentioned domain is indeed broken - who can I complain too besides the mail administrator for that domain that would make a difference (something like SpamCop that deals with SMTP standard compliance instead of spam) ? Also: what is the relation between this site and spamcom.com ? TIA