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    [Resolved] Blocked on Just Host

    Just as an aside, I have used Just Host for some years now and they are definitely white-hats. Their support is very good and very pro-active. If you get any problems like this in the future just raise a support ticket, they'll be glad you did.
  2. Derek T

    Mail Server Blacklisted?

    Is that the IP of the SMTP server that your client is using? Does (s)he run hir own mailserver? If not then it will not be the IP we need to check. If (s)he gets another rejection could you post here in its entirety, with only the email addresses munged? I'm guessing that your client's email goes out through a shared comcast SMTP server and that is what has been listed. But I may be very wrong in that guess.
  3. This is SpamCop. We don't do APEWS. Whay didn't you read the many, many stickies and 'read before posting's
  4. SIGH http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=13802
  5. By SpamCop's time-scale that's perfectly normal. The SCBL is VERY dynamic, quick to list and quick to de-list. A whole week later might as well be a year later. The spam has indeed ceased: for a week! This is a 'by-design' feature of the SCBL. Try using extra lists, less-forgiving ones. There are many lists with many different algorithms and rules. SC aims to list very soon after a spew starts and delist soon after it stops. An IP sending spam spews once a week will repeatedly list and de-list. That's not a problem, that's exactly how it is designed to work. Come to think of it, why not put the IP on your own personal blacklistt and have done?
  6. Derek T

    Email Blocked, but I not listed

    Thanks Don. Possibilty 1 then
  7. Derek T

    Email Blocked, but I not listed

    I can try. That IP is not on the SpamCop list and there are no reports from users of spam from that IP in the last 90 days. Two possible scenarios: That IP is hitting spamtraps occassionally and getting briefly listed then de-listed. The list is VERY dynamic - quick to list and equally quick to de-list. Only the admins can tell you this, try emailing them. The receiving server is using a 'one-size-fits-all' rejection notice that cites SpamCop when another list is the real reason Both of these things are quite common. However, I note from SenderBase that the volume of traffic from that IP is up and down like a whore's drawers recently which MIGHT (only might) indicate a compromised customer. Sorry I can't be of more help
  8. Suggest this be moved to the lounge as there is no evidence that either SpamCop or blocklists are in any way involved.
  9. Hi neles, The first thing you need to realise is that it is not your client (Thunderbird) thast is doing the rejection. The rejection is happening on the receiving end. The mail you send from TB goes out through your ISP's SMTP server (or, in this case, one of them as your ISP has many). Also coming from that SMTP is a lot of spam because your ISP either doesn't have a clue or doesn';t give a sh**. This means that SOME recipients will refuse it if they are using the SCBL in blocking mode (not recommended!). Webmail is obviously going out through a different, unlisted server. You would be very unlucky if every recipient you tried to send mail to was using SCBL in blocking mode. BTW that listing, at the time of writing, has dropped off the SCBL. Suggest you spend your euros with an ISP that does have a clue and does give a sh**.
  10. Derek T

    potentialy blacklisted

    Hi, See Don's excellent reply as to the reasons that you got caught up in this as an innocent bystander. To address your specific question, SpamCop is a very dynamic list: quick to list when the spam starts and quick to (automatically) de-list when it stops. That address has been on and off the list for some time. It's very easy for the address to have dropped off by the time you check the listing. If your provider won't deal with the problem you may want to consider giving your custom to a more clued-up provider. Meanwhile, gmail, hotmail, yahoomail etc may help you get the messages through.
  11. Derek T

    Blocked email

    This seems to be a problem with your incoming mail??? Your client is sending you mail from a 'dirty' server. YOU (the recipient) are blocking him. Then stop using the SCBL in blocking mode. Simple.
  12. Derek T

    Help with a solution?

    Please supply a IP address. We can't help without one.
  13. Derek T

    1and1 being blocked, again...

    You might want to look at JustHost. I've been been with them for over three years now and only once have I received a rejection notice. Their response was immediate and effective They'll make transferring in pretty painless. I have no commercial interest, I am just a happy customer.
  14. Derek T

    1and1 being blocked, again...

    Thanks. That seems to be a genuine and well-deserved listing 1&1 are being sent reports and are doing nothing about the spew of spam from that server (except requesting de-listing without fixing the problem). You are simply not getting the service that you are (I presume) paying good money for. Take your money elsewhere. To answer your original question, gmail and hotmail servers do get listed from time to time but there are a lot of them so the chances of your mail going out through a listed server are reduced. Also they respond to reports and kick the zombied machines off their systems. As for losing business, it is a mantra round here that email is not a guaranteed delivery method and no-one should rely on it entirely. You might wish to investigate getting your recipients to whitelist you?
  15. Derek T

    1and1 being blocked, again...

    Hi, sorry to hear about your troubles. Could you please post an entire and un-munged recent rejection notice?
  16. First note that this is a peer-to-peer forum, users helping users, though occasionally one of the paid employees contributes. Using the information you have now provided it appears that you are sending out marketing emails from a server in Mateo CA with the IP That server is currently on the SCBL and has been listed on and off for a couple of weeks now. If this is your email server then you have problems because that server HAS SENT MAIL TO SPAMTRAPS recently. Spamtrap addresses have never been used to send mail and therefore can never have 'opted in'. This would suggest that you are not using confirmed (double) opt-in. Remember that spam is defined not by content but by consent and unless you are using best practice then your messages may rightly be considered spam. If I'm wrong and it is not your server and you are just having your URL in mail for which you are not responsible then please forgive me, I really am trying to help here. If I am right then you need to 'clean up your act' as regards opt-in.
  17. Sorry, we will need a LOT more information to be able to help. The IP of the sending server, for example.
  18. Derek T

    Recent listings on web lookup page

    Some information is available to "us" paying customers. Here you go: and following the older reports link yields: any help?
  19. Jeez, do you guys NEVER read faqs and other posts before whining in here? For the several-hundreth time SpamCop HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH APEWS. nEVER HAS, NEVER WILL.
  20. No. No-one here can help. APEWS has nothing whatsoever to do with SpamCop. Suggest you do some research on APEWS. Nobody uses it anyway so stop worrying
  21. Derek T

    Mail Server Ip Blocked

    ...and you're not getting the service you are paying for. This (it is to be hoped) will give you considerable clout. Good luck! If it helps, recent reports are copied below: Submitted: Mon, 04 Nov 2013 09:11:11 GMT: {spam?}{Score=59} [SPF:fail] Important Message From David Gledhill 6027894174 ( ) To: abuse[at]eukhost.com Submitted: Mon, 04 Nov 2013 08:45:02 GMT: {spam?}{Score=57} [SPF:fail] Important Message From David Gledhill 6027886274 ( ) To: abuse[at]eukhost.com Submitted: Mon, 04 Nov 2013 06:50:14 GMT: Important Message From David Gledhill 6027907507 ( ) To: abuse[at]eukhost.com Submitted: Sun, 03 Nov 2013 16:01:16 GMT: Important Message From David Gledhill 6027652210 ( ) To: abuse[at]eukhost.com The server's output is up 1600% compared with its usual daily output so something is obviously wrong and they should already know that because they should have received reports.
  22. Derek T

    Mail Server Ip Blocked

    That server is still actively sending spam. Why on earth would it be removed from the black-list? Fix the problem and the server will automatically de-list. See the FAQs Just to note: SpamCop has never, can never, block anything. The blocking is being done at the receiving end (against SpamCop's recommendations). Nothing is stopping you sending emails. A few customers are refusing to receive them because of the huge spew of spam coming from that server. There is nothing guaranteed about email. Get a better mail provider if you wish to rely upon it.
  23. I have had a very brief skim through your web-site and am not clear about one thing: do you accept mail, filter it and then send it out through your own server? If you do, and if you fail to block it and therefore send it out then despite your protestations, you DO send/relay spam. SpamCop is working exactly as it should do and identifying your IPs as the spam-sender., I HAS come from you. Stop the spam and the IP will de-list automatically.
  24. It might pay you to investigate how 'people need to sign up'. There are 'best practice' suggestions in the FAQ. Confirmed opt-in is the way to go, apparently. If a never-used spamtrap is hit it strongly suggests that best pratice is not being followed as a spamtrap would never confirm an opt-in.
  25. There appear to be no 'human' reports in the last 90 days so the only thing I can suggest is that you (they) may have been hitting spamtraps. An email to admins[at]spamcop.net will confirm or deny this, but they make take a little while to reply so you should be patient. Senderbase currently shows a 238% increase of traffic from that IP, is there a good reason for this? If not you may have a zombied machine on your network. Oops it seems Don has beaten me to it and I was right