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    So what exactly should we do? We have like 3000 PCs in our network, it's time consuming to look for a PC in which could be some virus/spammer access.
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    Can you give me information which e-mail address is sending spam mails to spamtraps?
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    We are using on every Pc Windows Deffender. At the moment, e-mail communication should be smooth?
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    Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to write IP.
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    Hello, Our company was listed on blacklist for 1 day I guess. After successful delist we still cannot send e-mails to some domains. Have you guys any experience with something like this? This error is showing:<<< 550 5.7.1 Remotehost is listed in the following RBL lists: SpamCop, NixSpam RBL Thanks for help.