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    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    It is too bad that there is no way to get Yahoo to comply. As an ISP I really enjoy the benefits of SpamCop. And I realize Yahoo is to blame in this situation, but in the end having even a small percentage of customers hollering at me because they can't get mail from people on Yahoo just isn't worth it It is rather absurd to tell people that it's Yahoo's fault and sorry you just won't be able to receive email from anyone with a yahoo account... Anyways, the solution for me is to just set up the 'ol MTA to not use the RBL for Yahoo's MX servers. Can still continue to use SpamCop for everything else. I am assuming tons of people have attempted to contact Yahoo about this problem. Obviously that has made no difference. Is there any solution? Do we need to find someone who personally knows the CTO at Yahoo?
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    The crux of the problem though is that SF does not respond quickly to SpamCop complaints? I notice that the contact addresses for this IP appear to all end up going to savvis instead of SourceForge. Maybe SourceForge isn't even being notified?
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    Posted a request to their support site (here if anyone is interested). Also, this link may be of interest to those of you who use SF mailing lists.
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    Unfortunately, no bounce message. Only knew something was wrong because I hadn't gotten any SF.net mail in a long time. Finally they came pouring through and one of the admins on the list mentioned that SF had been listed on SpamCop. Here's one of the IP's that appears to be the final SF SMTP server in the link... probably there are more: Return-Path: <opennms-discuss-admin[at]lists.sourceforge.net> X-Original-To: rayvd[at]localhost Delivered-To: rayvd[at]localhost.digitalpath.net Received: from mail.digitalpath.net (localhost []) by keenpal.digitalpath.net (Postfix) with ESMTP id 9571E45C42F for <rayvd[at]localhost>; Wed, 29 Mar 2006 23:43:00 -0800 (PST) Delivered-To: rayvd[at]digitalpath.net Received: (qmail 15163 invoked by uid 1542); 30 Mar 2006 07:42:52 -0000 Received: by simscan 1.1.0 ppid: 15160, pid: 15161, t: 0.0284s scanners: clamav: 0.87.1/m:34/d:1162 Received: from unknown (HELO lists-outbound.sourceforge.net) ( by chico-smtp2.digitalpath.net with SMTP; 30 Mar 2006 07:42:52 -0000 Received-SPF: pass (chico-smtp2.digitalpath.net: SPF record at lists.sourceforge.net designates as permitted sender) Received: from sc8-sf-list2-b.sourceforge.net (sc8-sf-list2-b.sourceforge.net []) by sc8-sf-spam2.sourceforge.net (Postfix) with ESMTP id 43F1C12540; Wed, 29 Mar 2006 16:07:09 -0800 (PST) Received: from sc8-sf-mx1-b.sourceforge.net ([] helo=mail.sourceforge.net) by sc8-sf-list2.sourceforge.net with esmtp (Exim 4.30) id 1FOkga-00066B-6C; Wed, 29 Mar 2006 16:06:48 -0800 And here are a couple entries from my server's mail logs: 2006-03-30 08:01:10.750875500 tcpserver: pid 28182 from 2006-03-30 08:01:10.750877500 tcpserver: ok 28182 chico-smtp2.digitalpath.net: : 2006-03-30 08:01:10.752699500 rblsmtpd: pid 28182: 451 Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? 2006-03-30 08:02:36.953296500 tcpserver: pid 28838 from 2006-03-30 08:02:36.953297500 tcpserver: ok 28838 chico-smtp2.digitalpath.net: : 2006-03-30 08:02:36.953796500 rblsmtpd: pid 28838: 451 Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?
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    SF's mail servers seem to keep getting listed (second time now in two weeks). Are they actually generating legit spam or is someone misreporting this? I guess I can add their servers myself to my mail server's exclusion list.
  6. I have multiple email addresses that all end up in the same mailbox. I check this mailbox via POP3 with fetchmail and all the mail is then delivered to my account on my local machine (private IP on a private LAN) via Postfix. I've been trying to set up the mailhost system, but it kept complaining about the host entry that fetchmail adds to the envelope. In this case the hostname isn't a real address, just the name of my computer with my domain name appended. I tried changing that to "localhost", but now spamcop wants to try and verify "myuser[at]locallhost.comain". I could probably set up a real DNS A record for <mymachinename>.<domain> that points to an IP address, but it wouldn't be pointing to my box's real IP address since it's a private IP. What do you guys suggest? I have several more email addresses like this to apply for, and doing a waiver for all of them will be kind of a pain. EDIT: Probably would be helpful to attach some output: Return-Path: &lt;service[at]admin.spamcop.net&gt; X-Original-To: rayvd[at]localhost Delivered-To: rayvd[at]localhost.digitalpath.net Received: from localhost (localhost []) by keenpal.digitalpath.net (Postfix) with ESMTP id 7B78D45C430 for &lt;rayvd[at]localhost&gt;; Mon, 20 Mar 2006 01:26:09 -0800 (PST) Delivered-To: rayvd[at]digitalpath.net Received: from mail.digitalpath.net [] by localhost with POP3 (fetchmail- for rayvd[at]localhost (single-drop); Mon, 20 Mar 2006 01:26:09 -0800 (PST) Received: (qmail 6360 invoked by uid 1546); 20 Mar 2006 09:25:59 -0000 Received: from by pop (envelope-from &lt;service[at]admin.spamcop.net&gt;, uid 504) with qmail-scanner-1.25 (clamdscan: 0.87.1/1338. Clear:RC:1( Processed in 0.02701 secs); 20 Mar 2006 09:25:59 -0000 Received: from chic01-gateway.digitalpath.net (HELO dpncorp.dpn.local) ( by ns1.digitalpath.net with SMTP; 20 Mar 2006 09:25:59 -0000 Received: from chico-smtp1.digitalpath.net ([]) by dpncorp.dpn.local with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.1830); Mon, 20 Mar 2006 01:25:58 -0800 Received: (qmail 6747 invoked by uid 7797); 20 Mar 2006 09:25:58 -0000 Received: from by chico-smtp1.digitalpath.net (envelope-from &lt;service[at]admin.spamcop.net&gt;, uid 1542) with qmail-scanner-1.25 (clamdscan: 0.87.1/1337. Clear:RC:0( Processed in 0.020791 secs); 20 Mar 2006 09:25:58 -0000 Received: from unknown (HELO spamcop.net) ( by chico-smtp1.digitalpath.net with SMTP; 20 Mar 2006 09:25:58 -0000 This is for rayvd[at]corp.digitalpath.net. corp addresses are on an Exchange server that hopefully will be retired so the config here is a bit odd. Mail to rayvd[at]corp.digitalpath.net follows the following path: Internet -> MX server for corp.digitalpath.net -> Exchange server -> Qmail server -> My local machine (via fetchmail, POP3 polled)