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    Spam evading Spamcop filters

    yes I got one to: There is nonsense mulitiline part of text... kind of story and on the end is JPG pic with offer to go to http://spottier.com Just to mention that I have been getting this kind of mails alot lately with different spam links. All is reffered to joker.com who is on spottier.com tells me his registrar is joker.com and the person, owner of all of those spam urls is one man: domain: spottier.com owner: Vladimir Mironov email: whois[at]rattlings.com address: Abonensky yashik 16 city: Moscow state: -- postal-code: 117525 country: RU phone: +7095.2349449 I reported it to joker.com and lets hope they will cut down their services to that dude....