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    If you are really a spam COP you would care about innocent bystanders
  2. I would like to see a forum Category dealing with Sabotage thru spam where one report corporate sabotage due to untracable spam. Moderator edit: the story behind the issue was first posted at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6152 ....
  3. kram

    ISP closed web account

    Hi there, To the best of my knowledge, Spamcop had nothing to do with what happened, I just wanted some feed back and some help in facing the predicament of a deviant paying someone to sabotage my site and my reputation thru the use of spam. Thanks for the suggestion, Any more advice greatly appreciated, Kram
  4. kram

    ISP closed web account

    Hi there, I am new here, Until last week, my businesses had been running for two neat years, without there ever being one spam complaint. Nice eh, Then it happened. First some blight seemed to buy a scammed list and send emails to thousands with my url on the backend of www.registerfly.com/(myurl) The hosting Co warned me that I had spammed. No way, it was a person seeking to sabotage my business. He was a hired Joe out to do us damage. Worse still, the offensive url, was dead. The originating IP had nothing to do with mine. We managed to save face here, and then agin, one week later, yep Friday, it happened again. This time they placed my URL in the centre of the email, seemingly advertising it. They sent it to the same list and my host server gave me the boot. It is so obvious from the header, that we did not send it. It was assumed that I had sent it. What is to stop netcenter databases knocking us off everytime a competitor does this? Is there any defence against this kind of sabotage? Really dont know how I can stay on the net if people can play this game and the innocent party get sent for six. Really Frustrated, Kram