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    What's wrong with laposte.net ?

    Yes, everything have a cost i agrre with that. But i cannot let you say that when something is distributed for free that mean we do not pay for it, "it costs nothing" as you say. Because when a free service is distributed with ad, we pay ! I.E., if coca cola put ad on the laposte.net website, coca cola pays laposte.net for this, and it is not the shareholder that pay the costs but the consumer ! So in a way, you pay the service. But worth ! Imagine now a free newspaper : you pay for the ad in it, but you also pay for the cleaning in the street of all the millions of newspapers have been throwed away, because it is a "kleenex" consuming way. So nothing is really free in the industrials goods and services. So, conclusion, it is coca-cola to complain to laposte.net when it services goes wrong !!! Maybe ? And it could be a very long debate when you say "If you pay for a service then you can expect someone to fix the problem." if we compare that honnest postulate and the hard reality !!! The complains about big companies (ISP or Mobile telephone operators, I.E.) and their high-cost support are the daily of consumers-defense associations ! At the end, i have no solutions. I am betrayed again by the system.
  2. ccciolll

    What's wrong with laposte.net ?

    Did one of them offers SMTP outgoing ? When i have look ed for free mail accounts with SMTP outgoing, in the past years, hotmail was not, and all the others i visited was not, only laposte was offering this service. Well, i will search another free account server that offers SMTP outgoing, starting by the ones you tell me, when i will have to send mail to this friend. Thanks.
  3. ccciolll

    What's wrong with laposte.net ?

    Oh ! Did you live somewhere in the far far ireland ? Yes, i had understand that it was not DIRECTLY spamcop that blokes the mails, but that it send a black-list to ISP that ask for it. But in fact, when spamcop blasklisted a server, ISPs believe it and apply it. SO result : they block black-listed servers. You cannot know about it if you are not living in france, but laposte.net is a VERY BIG mail server in france, one of the most popular free mail provider. "La poste" is the historical post company and laposte.net one of the only serious free server that offers the SMTP outgoing. So put laposte.net on black-list is not just a joke, thousands and thousand of users will be blocked. What can it be doing to get laposte.net out of the spamcop black-list ?
  4. Hello, i saw there was another discussion about laposte.net, but my english is very poor and i did not understand the topic. So i ask a very simple question : how can i send mail to my friend since spamcop have blocked laposte.net ??? I received this message : De : Service de distribution du courrier <postmaster[at]laposte.net> Date : Thu, 30 Mar 2006 14:16:40 +0200 À : <XXX[at]laposte.net> Objet : Notification d'état de la distribution - Ces destinataires ont été traités par le serveur de messagerie : XXX[at]numericable.fr; Échec; 5.3.0 (état du système de messagerie différent ou non défini) ATM à distance mta.numericable.fr : erreur du réseau - Diagnostic SMTP : 553 sorry, your mailserver is rejected by see http://spamcop.net that clearly explain spamcop is responsable for the rejecting of my mail. Am i wrong ? Please, reply with SIMPLE english, not with technic words. Or if you can reply in french, it would be wonderful !